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Anglican: under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury:

1) Lusitanian Church [Portuguese Episcopal Church]

Organised at a Synod on 8 March 1880, presided over by Bishop Riley (of the American Episcopal Church), a group of Roman Catholic clergy and lay people committed itself to continue faithful to Anglican faith and order. A constitution was approved, and Bishop Riley undertook to present their request for a bishop. Bishops of the Church of Ireland undertook Episcopal ministry until a native Portuguese bishop was consecrated for the first time in 1958. Following the lead of the American Church, the Churches of Ireland and England (and later other Anglican provinces and Old Catholic Churches) established a Concordat of full Communion with the Lusitanian Church. The Church was fully integrated into the Anglican Communion on 5 July 1980.

Website: www.igreja-lusitana.org

The Right Reverend Dr Fernando da Luz Soares Bishop
also an Honorary Assistant Bishop in the Diocese in Europe.

Centro Diocesano,
Rua de Afonso Albuquerque N° 86,
Apartado 392,
4430 Vila Nova de Gaia,
T: 00 351 22 375 4018
F: 00 351 22 375 2016
E: centrodiocesano@igreja-lusitana.org

2) Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church

In 1880 the Bishop of Mexico visited Spain and accepted under his care several congregations seeking to follow Anglican teaching and order, under the leadership of a former Roman Catholic priest, Juan Bautista Cabrera, who in 1894 was ordained their first Bishop by the Bishop of Meath. The establishment of full Communion with the Church of England in 1963 prepared the way for full integration into the Anglican Communion on 2 November 1980.

Website: www.anglicanos.org

The Right Reverend Carlos López-Lozano Bishop
also an Honorary Assistant Bishop in the Diocese in Europe

Oficina Diocesana,
Beneficencia 18,
28004 Madrid,
T: +34 91 445 25 60
E: eclesiae@arrakis.es

In its Resolution IV:6f, the 1998 Lambeth Conference welcomed the decision of the Porvoo Church Leaders’ Meeting earlier in the same year that the Lusitanian and Spanish Churches should be regarded as being covered by the preamble to the Porvoo Declaration subject to their synods’ approval. Both churches now take their full part in the various coordinating bodies of the Communion of Porvoo Churches.