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Who to Contact

Ecumenical / Churches in Communion matters

Questions or enquiries on ecumenical or churches in communion matters or relations should be directed as follows:

ECUSA congregations in France, Germany Bishop David
ECUSA congregations in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland Bishop David
Lusitanian Church of Portugal Bishop David
Meissen agreement Bishop David
Old Catholics: Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland Bishop David
Old Catholics: Germany Bishop David
Diocesan relations with Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox communities Bishop David
Orthodox and Oriental Churches - Ministry and work of Apokrisiarioi The Archbishop's Ecumenical Secretary, Lambeth Palace
Porvoo agreement Bishop David
Reuilly agreement Bishop David
Roman Catholic relations: Belgium, Italy, Vatican, Anglican Centre in Rome Bishop David
Roman Catholic relations: France, Portugal, Spain Bishop David
Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church (IERE) Bishop David

General advice for diocesan clergy, readers and church officers

The unusual structure of the Diocese gives rise to many other questions. The Diocesan Handbook provides a great deal of detailed advice on many different subjects. All the diocesan clergy, readers and church officers are encouraged to become familiar with it and should consult this resource when a question arises. You can find the Diocesan Handbook on our website.

However, since the Handbook deals with topics in some depth, this list has been compiled to give to the clergy, readers and church officers a quick reference list of who to contact with a query.

For other matters, the following gives either a ‘first port of call’ or the person officially responsible. When in doubt, ask the Archdeacon.

SubjectFirst contact . . .
Accounts, finance, common fund, Gift aid Finance Secretary
Administration, church meetings, electoral roll, elections, constitutions, trust funds Diocesan Secretary
Admission of children to communion Suffragan Bishop
Appointments Procedures Appointments Secretary
Archdeaconry/ Deanery Synod matters Area Dean, Archdeacon
Bishops' Pastoral Visits, diary arrangements and liturgical arrangements Relevant Bishop's Chaplain
Cemeteries and Burial Plots Archdeacon
Child Protection / Safeguarding Diocesan Safeguarding Officer
Christian Aid: general policy and relations Suffragan Bishop
Church buildings, faculties Diocesan Secretary
CMS: general policy and relations Suffragan Bishop
Communications: The European Anglican, Website, press releases, media enquiries Diocesan Communications Officer
Continuing Ministerial Education (CME) Archdeacon
Diocesan Synod, Bishop's Council matters Diocesan Secretary
Fees - Marriages and funerals Archdeacon
Grant enquiries and requests Diocesan Secretary
ICS: general policy and relations Diocesan Bishop
Locum priests Appointments Secretary
Marriage and wedding matters Suffragan Bishop
Minority Ethnic Concerns Suffragan Bishop
Mission to Seafarers: general policy and relations Suffragan Bishop
Mothers Union  
New Congregations, Church Planting Archdeacon
Permission to Officiate Requests Appointments Secretary
Permissions and provisions under Ecumenical Canons Suffragan Bishop
Priest’s Housing Archdeacon
Sabbatical leave Suffragan Bishop
Stipend, stipend review, clergy benefits Archdeacon
Safeguarding  Diocesan Safeguarding Officer
Training: curates (including POT), readers Director of Training
USPG: Anglicans in Mission: general policy and relations Suffragan Bishop
Vocations: ordained or reader ministry, general enquiries Ministry Team Administrator
Warden of Readers Suffragan Bishop
Women clergy pastoral matters Advisor for Women's Ministry


Forms available from the Diocesan Secretary or the Diocesan Website

  • Advice for Treasurers
  • Annual Review of Stipend (stipendiary clergy only)
  • Annual Chaplaincy Council Officers’ Return
  • Annual Chaplaincy / Congregation / Parish Child Protection Policy Statement
  • Child Protection Declaration
  • Churchwarden’s Declaration and Certificate of Admission
  • Communion before Confirmation
  • Forms in respect of making Gift Aid donations
  • Bishop’s Licence for the Solemnization of Matrimony
  • Bishop’s Permission for a Service of Prayer and Blessing after Marriage
  • Bishop’s Permission to assist Distribution of Holy Communion
  • Bishop’s Permission under the Ecumenical Canons
  • Reception into the Church of England
  • Recommended forms of words for wills and bequests


Office . . .Name . . .
Appointments Secretary Miss Catherine Jackson Diocesan Office London
Bishop's Chaplain The Reverend Canon Meurig Williams Bishop's Lodge Worth
Bishop's Personal Assistant Mrs Margaret GibsonBishop's Lodge Worth
Bishop's Adviser for Women's Ministry The Reverend Hilary Jones
Diocesan Director of Training The Reverend Canon Ulla Monberg c/o Diocesan Office London
Diocesan Director of Ordinands The Revd Canon William Gulliford
c/o Diocesan Office London
Diocesan Secretary Adrian Mumford Diocesan Office London
Ministry Team Administrator  Debbie Cunningham 
Finance Secretary Nick Wraight Diocesan Office London
Suffragan Bishop Bishop David Hamid Diocesan Office London
Suffragan Bishop's Chaplain and Personal Assistant The Rev Deacon Frances Hiller Diocesan Office London