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Posted on 1 April 2017


As the UK government and people of Gibraltar are expressing their deep concerns about the future of the British Protectorate our bishops have both sent the Dean and congregation of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity messages of encouragement.

Bishop Robert had expressed concern about the role Gibraltar might play in Brexit negotiations in a comment several days ago, on the day that the Article 50 letter was delivered. (https://bishopineurope.wordpress.com),

Today he writes; “Gibraltar will always have a special place in my heart. It was in the Cathedral of Gibraltar that I was instituted as Bishop of this Diocese. The people of Gibraltar know from difficult experience what border closures entail. I appreciate just how much of Gibraltar's trade, social life and indeed food security depends on the open border. I well appreciate there are worries that the darker days of the past may return. I do wish the Dean and his parishioners much strength in the coming months, as they turn to the God who is our Rock in times of trouble. My prayer is that the politicians involved in the Brexit talks will have the wisdom and diplomacy to move quickly on this issue and reassure people in one of our oldest and most precious churches that their concerns will be heard and understood."

In his letter, Bishop David adds; “I can only imagine the turmoil and even anger you must feel. At such times we Christians turn to God's Son Jesus Christ, who is the King of all creation, and whose sovereignty is over all. We pray ever more earnestly for our politicians and diplomats, that God will enlighten them with wisdom and patience, in their dealings with Brussels and Madrid, and that they will guarantee and defend the future and the wellbeing of Gibraltarians in the upcoming negotiations.   
We pray also for Spain, that God will grant its leaders a spirit of reconciliation and open hearts, that self-interest and pride may give way to a search for our common good on the Iberian peninsula. In these Lenten days, we recall that God is at work, even through the Passion of His Son, and we pray that His Peace may rule in our hearts.”