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Prayer Diary



A Prayer for our Diocese

Eternal God and Father,
whose Son at supper prayed that his disciples might be one
as he is one with you:
draw us closer to him,
that, in common love and obedience to you,
we may be united to one another
in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,
so that the world may believe that he is Lord, to your eternal glory.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Pray daily for the Bishop and the Suffragan Bishop

Pray for the canons, according to the day of the month, as follows:

  1]      The Dean (St Peter the Apostle): John Paddock
  2]      The Chancellor of Malta (St Luke the Evangelist): Simon Godfrey
  3]      The Chancellor of Brussels (St Benedict): Paul Vroloijk
  4]      St Titus (Malta): Jonathan Boardman
  5]      St Boniface (Brussels): John Wilkinson
  6]      St Catherine of Siena (Malta): Meurig Williams
  7]      St Willibrord (Brussels): Colin Williams
  8]      Edith Cavell (Brussels): Barbara Moss
  9]      St Ignatius of Antioch (Malta): Christopher Jage-Bowler
10]      John Keble (Gibraltar): Robin Gill; (John Henry Newman (Malta): Matthew Harrison
11]      St Barnabas the Apostle (Malta): Ian Sherwood
12]      St Stanislaus (Brussels): Debbie Flach
13]      St John Chrysostom (Gibraltar): Geoff Johnston
14]      St Silas (Malta): Vacant
15]      St Teresa of Jesus [of Avila](Gibraltar): Ann Turner
16]      Our Lady of Europe (Gibraltar):  Vacant
17]      St Birgitta (Bridget) of Sweden (Gibraltar):  Grace Davie
18]      St Helena (Malta): Vacant
19]      St Henry of Finland (Brussels): Vacant
20]      St Bernard of Clairvaux (Gibraltar): Ia
21]      St Anselm of Bec (Brussels): Vacant; St Agnes (Brussels): Jack McDonald
22]      St Nicholas von Flüe (Brussels): 
23]      St George (Gibraltar): William Gulliford
24]      St Polycarp of Smyrna (Malta): Malcolm Bradshaw
25]      St Mark the Evangelist (Malta):  Patrick Curran
26]      St Augustine of Canterbury (Brussels): Ulla Monberg
27]      St James the Great (Gibraltar): Vacant
28]      St Timothy (Malta): Andrew Wagstaff
29]      St Paul the Apostle (Gibraltar): Vacant
30]      Canons without stalls: Jonathan Goodall, Philip Mounstephen, Leslie Nathaniel
              and Assistant Clergy in the Cathedral and Pro-Cathedrals
31]      Chapter Clerk (St Cecilia: Gibraltar): Adrian Mumford; and Emeritus Deans & Canons