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Prayer Diary

September 2014

Praying for the Earth: Farms and Farmers

We pray for all who make their living from the land.  Help them to contend with the vagaries of the weather and with the variability of the economic climate.  Defend them from the threat of disease, and help them to protect the animals in their care.  We ask for your blessing on farm shops and farmers’ markets, and on all who buy and sell food locally.  (We pray in particular for ….)

Mon 1
Giles of Provence, hermit, c.710 (France)
DEL week 22

The Hague St John & St Philip: Chaplain: Andrew Gready.
ACP:Gombe - (Jos, Nigeria) Bp Henry Ndukuba.

Tue 2
Martyrs of Papua New Guinea, 1901, 1942

Twente St Mary the Virgin, with Weldam and Goor: Vacant.
ACP:Grafton - (New South Wales, Australia) Vacant.

Wed 3
Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome, teacher of the faith, 604 (Italy)
Utrecht Holy Trinity (serving Zwolle): Chaplain: David Phillips; Assoc. Chaplain: Sam van Leer.
ACP:Grahamstown - (Southern Africa) Bp Ebenezer Ntlali.
Porvoo: Turku, Finland: Abp Kari Mäkinen, Bp Kaarlo Kalliala; Edinburgh, Scotland: Bp John Armes.

Thu 4
Birinus, Bishop of Dorchester, Apostle of Wessex, 650

Vlissingen, Mission to Seafarers: Chaplain: Remco Robinson.
ACP:Guildford - (Canterbury, England) Vacant; Guildford - Dorking - Bp Ian James Brackley.

Fri 5
Voorschoten St James: Chaplain: Ruan Crew; Reader: Anthony Cummings.
ACP:Guinea - (West Africa) Bp Jacques Boston.

Sat 6
Allen Gardiner, missionary, founder of the South American Missionary Society, 1851

Masstricht All Saints:Acting Chaplain: Jennifer Pridmore
The Old Catholic Church in the Netherlands: Abp Joris Vercammen.
ACP:Gujarat - (North India) Bp Vinodkumar Malaviya.

Sun 7 12th Sunday after Trinity
Racial Justice Sunday
Swiss Archdeaconry: Archdeacon: Peter Potter.
ACP:PRAY for The Episcopal Church of the Sudan - Abp Daniel Deng Bul Yak, Abp of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan & Bp of Juba.
WCC: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia.

Mon 8
Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary
DEL week 23

For immigrants newly arrived in our congregations.
ACP:Gusau - (Kaduna, Nigeria) Bp John Garba; Gwagwalada - (Abuja, Nigeria) Bp Tanimu Aduda.

Tue 9
Charles Fuge Lowder, priest, 1880

Basel St Nicholas (serving Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Germany): Chaplain: Vacant; Asst Chaplains: Russell Hilliard, Anne Lowen, Hilary Jones; Youth Coordinator: Katie Wilkinson.
ACP:Guyana - (West Indies) Bp Cornell Moss.

Wed 10
Berne St Ursula: Chaplain: Peter Potter; Asst Chaplain: Linda Bisig; Assoc. Priest: Mark Pogson; Youth Coordinator: Mary McKinley.
ACP:Haiti - (II, The Episcopal Church) Bp Jean Duracin; Suffr. Bp of Haiti - Bp Oge Beauvoir.
Porvoo: York, England: Abp John Sentamu, Bp Richard Frith, Bp Martin Wallace, vacancy; Espoo, Finland: Bp Tapio Luoma.

Thu 11
For Christian-Muslim relations and dialogue centres in Europé.
ACP:Hanuato'o - (Melanesia) Bp Alfred Karibongi.

Fri 12
Nordic and Baltic Deanery Chapter and Synod meeting in Canterbury 11-14.
ACP:Harare - (Central Africa) Bp Chad Nicholas Gandiya.

Sat 13
John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, teacher of the faith, 407 (Turkey)
Geneva Holy Trinity: Chaplain: Vacant; Readers: Roy Damary, Betty Talbot; Youth Work Coordinator: Jonny Torrance.
Geneva Emmanuel Church (TEC): Rector: John Beach.
ACP:Hawaii - (VIII, The Episcopal Church) Bp Robert Fitzpatrick.

Sun 14 Holy Cross Day or 13th Sunday after Trinity
For peace, harmony and understanding between neighbours of different races and/or religions.
ACP:PRAY for The Anglican Church of Tanzania - Abp Jacob Erasto Chimeledya, Abp of Tanzania & Bp of Mpwapwa.
WCC: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania.

Mon 15 Holy Cross Day if not celebrated on Sunday
Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, martyr, 258
DEL week 24

La Côte, Gingins and Divonne-les-Bains: Chaplain: Carolyn Cooke; Asst Chaplain: Julia Chambeyron.
ACP:Hereford - (Canterbury, England) Bp Anthony Martin Priddis; Hereford - Ludlow - Bp Alistair James Magowan.

Tue 16
Ninian, Bishop of Galloway, Apostle of the Picts, c.432
Edward Bouverie Pusey, priest, tractarian, 1882

Lausanne Christ Church, serving Neuchatel: Priest in charge: Adèle Kelham; Asst Chaplain; Christine Bloomfield (Neuchatel)
ACP:Highveld - (Southern Africa) Bp David Bannerman.

Wed 17
Hildegard, Abbess of Bingen, visionary, 1179 (Germany)
Lugano St Edward the Confessor, serving Varese (Italy): Priest in charge: Andrew Horlock; Reader: Robert Gebhardt.
ACP:Ho (Ghana) - (West Africa) Bp Matthias Mededues-Badohu.
Porvoo: Salisbury, England: Bp Nicholas Holtam, Bp Graham Kings, Bp Edward Condry; St Asaph, Wales: Bp Gregory Cameron; Ribe, Denmark: Bp Elisabeth Dons Christensen.

Thu 18
German Deanery/ CAECG Synod 18-20.
ACP:Honduras - (IX, The Episcopal Church) Bp Lloyd Allen.

Fri 19
Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, 690

Montreux St John (serving Anzere, Monthey, Verbier, Villars): Priest in charge: Paul Dalzell.
ACP:Hpa-an - (Myanmar) Bp Saw Stylo.

Sat 20
John Coleridge Patteson, first Bishop of Melanesia, and his companions, martyrs, 1871
Vevey All Saints (serving Chateau d'Oex): Chaplain: Clive Atkinson; Youth Work Coordinator: Jonny Torrance.
ACP:Huron - (Ontario, Canada) Bp Robert Franklin Bennett; Suffr. Bp of Huron - Bp Terrance Arthur Dance.

Sun 21 Matthew, apostle and evangelist or 14th Sunday after Trinity
[Consecration of Bishop Richard Garrard, 1994, Hon. Asst Bp]

Swiss National Day of Prayer: the people and government of Switzerland.
ACP:PRAY for The Church of the Province of Uganda - Abp Stanley Ntagali, Abp of Uganda & Bp of Kampala.
WCC: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.

Mon 22 Matthew, apostle and evangelist F181
DEL week 25

Zürich St Andrew ( serving Baden, St Gallen, Zug): Chaplain: John Newsome; Asst Chaplain: Sara MacVane; Readers: Br Marcel Benedict, Carolyn Jay.
ACP:Hyderabad - (Pakistan) Bp Kaleem John.

Tue 23
Seasonal chaplaincies in Switzerland: Interlaken, Kandersteg, Mürren, St Moritz, Wengen, Zermatt.
ACP:Ibadan - (Ibadan, Nigeria) Abp Joseph Akinfenwa; Ibadan North - (Ibadan, Nigeria) Bp Segun Okubadejo.

Wed 24
Ember Day
[Consecration of Bishop Michael Colclough, 1996, Hon. Asst Bp]

For those exploring their vocation.
ACP:Ibadan South - (Ibadan, Nigeria) Bp Jacob Ajetunmobi.
Porvoo: Tuam, Killala and Achonry, Ireland: Bp Patrick Rooke; Bath and Wells, England: vacancy, Bp Peter Maurice.

Thu 25
Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop of Winchester, spiritual writer, 1626
Sergei of Radonezh, monastic reformer, teacher of the faith, 1392 (Russia)

Old Catholic Church in Switzerland: Bp Harald Rein. The Anglican Old Catholic International Coordinating Committee: Co-chairs: Jonathan Gledhill, Joachim Vobbe.
ACP:Ibba - (Sudan) Bp Wilson Elisa Kamani.

Fri 26
Ember Day
Wilson Carlile, founder of the Church Army, 1942
Ember Day

New clergy in training. Diocesan Director of Training: Ulla Monberg.
ACP:Idah - (Abuja, Nigeria) Bp Joseph Musa.

Sat 27
Vincent de Paul, founder of the Congregation of the Mission (Lazarists), 1660 (France)
Ember Day
Training incumbents and others offering suppport to clergy in new posts.
ACP:Idaho - (VIII, The Episcopal Church) Bp Brian Thom.

Sun 28 15th Sunday after Trinity
The leaders of the churches in the countries where we live.
ACP:PRAY for The Episcopal Church - Abp Katharine Jefferts Schori, Pres. Bp of TEC.
WCC: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia.

Mon 29 Michael and All Angels
[Consecration of Bishop Michael Turnbull, 1988, Hon. Asst Bp]
DEL week 26

Diocesan Press & Communications Officer: Paul Needle, and Chaplaincy magazine editors.
ACP:Ideato - (Owerri, Nigeria) Bp Caleb Maduoma.

Tue 30
Jerome, translator of the scriptures, teacher of the faith, 420 (Croatia)

The Diocesan Communications Group and Chaplaincy webmasters and social media administrators.
ACP:Idoani - (Ondo, Nigeria) Bp Ezekiel Dahunsi.