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Prayer Diary

December 2014

Praying for the Earth: Trees and Plants

We have heard that the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.  Draw us ever closer in heart and mind to the trees and plants around us.  Inspire us with their beauty, and instruct us in their power to heal the broken bodies, minds and spirits of a fallen humanity.  Teach us to protect the trees and plants of the earth, that we might hereby protect ourselves.  (We pray in particular for…)

Mon 1 Andrew, apostle
World AIDS Day
For those living with HIV/AIDS.
ACP:Kibungo - (Rwanda) Bp Emmanuel Ntazinda.

Tue 2
DEL Year 1 begins

Heidelberg: Priest in Charge: Elizabeth Koepping; Reader: Rosemary Selle.
ACP:Kigali - (Rwanda) Bp Louis Muvunyi; Kigeme - (Rwanda) Bp Augustin Mvunabandi.

Wed 3
Francis Xavier, missionary, Apostle of the Indies,1552 (Spain)

Leipzig: Chaplain: Martin Reakes-Williams.
ACP:Kigezi - (Uganda) Bp George Katwesigye; North Kigezi - (Uganda) Bp Patrick Tugume.
Porvoo: St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, England: vacancy, Bp David Thomson; Aberdeen and Orkney, Scotland: Bp Robert Gillies.

Thu 4
John of Damascus, monk, teacher of the faith, c.749
Nicholas Ferrar, deacon, founder of the Little Gidding community, 1637

Stuttgart St Catherine: Priest in charge: Kenneth Dimmick .
ACP:Kilmore, Elphin & Ardagh - (Armagh, Ireland) The Revd Ferran Glenfield.

Fri 5
British Forces Churches in Germany: The Asst Chaplain General, Germany.
ACP:Kimberley & Kuruman - (Southern Africa) Bp Oswald Swartz.

Sat 6
Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, c.326 (Turkey)
People & Government of Germany.
ACP:Kindu - (Congo) Bp Zacharie Masimango Katanda.

Sun 7 2nd Sunday of Advent
For prisoners of conscience and the work of Amnesty International: Sec. Gen.: Salil Shetty.
ACP:Kinkizi - (Uganda) Bp Dan Zoreka.
WCC: Cape Verde, the Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal.

Mon 8
Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Development of Anglican-Evangelical Church of Germany relations. The Evangelical Church of Germany: Praeses Nikolaus Schneider, Chairman, EKD Council.
ACP:Abp Kahwa Henri Isingoma, Abp of the Congo & Bp of Kinshasa; Suffr, Bp of Kinshasa - (Congo) Bp Molanga Jean Botola.

Tue 9
Old Catholic Church in Germany: Bp Matthias Ring.
ACP:Kirinyaga - (Kenya) Bp Joseph Kibuchua.

Wed 10
Ember Day
UN Human Rights Day.
Those involved in training ordinands; our ordinands in training.
ACP:Kisangani - (Congo) Bp Lambert Botolome.
Porvoo: St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane, Scotland: Bp David Chillingworth (Primus); Porvoo, Finland: Bp Björn Vikström.

Thu 11
Work of the Meissen Commission, co-chairs bishops Nick Baines and Friedrich Weber.
ACP:Kita Kanto - (Japan) Bp Zerubbabel Katsuichi Hirota.

Fri 12
Ember Day
Vocations to the ministry. Diocesan Director of Ordinands William Gulliford and his assistants, and all who share the work of encouraging vocations.
ACP:Kitale - (Kenya) Bp Stephen Kewasis.

Sat 13
Lucy, martyr at Syracuse, 304 (Italy)
Ember Day
Samuel Johnson, moralist, 1784

Readers in the Diocese. Warden of Readers: Bishop David Hamid; Moderator for Reader Training: Colin Brown; Senior Tutor and Advisor for Reader Ministry: Elaine Labourel.
ACP:Kiteto - (Tanzania) Bp Isaiah Chambala.

Sun 14 3rd Sunday of Advent
Chaplains and other church members attending carol services in schools, hospitals and other non-church settings.
ACP:Kitgum - (Uganda) Bp Benjamin Ojwang.
WCC: Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo.

Mon 15
For those providing night shelters.
ACP:Kitui - (Kenya) Bp Josephat Mule.

Tue 16
For families under stress.
ACP:Kivu - (Rwanda) Bp Augustin Ahimana.

Wed 17
O Sapientia: the Great O Antiphons
Eglantyne Jebb, social reformer, founder of "Save the Children", 1928

For the work of Save the Children.
ACP:Kobe - (Japan) Bp Andrew Yatuka Nakamura.
Porvoo: Chester, England: Bp Peter Forster, Bp Keith Sinclair, vacancy; Kuopio, Finland: - Bp Jari Jolkkonen.

Thu 18
For those facing their first Christmas alone.
ACP:Koforidua (Ghana) - (West Africa) Bp Francis Quashie.

Fri 19
For all those attending carol services in our churches.
ACP:Kolhapur - (North India) Bp Bathuel Tiwade.

Sat 20
For those rebuilding their lives after natural disasters.
ACP:Kondoa - (Tanzania) Bp Given Gaula.

Sun 21 4th Sunday of Advent
For the Bishop's Advent appeal.
ACP:Kontagora - (Lokoja, Nigeria) Bp Jonah Ibrahim.
WCC: Ghana, Nigeria.

Mon 22
For those in hospital over Christmas.
ACP:Kootenay - (British Columbia & the Yukon, Canada) Abp John Elswood Privett.

Tue 23
For those offering hospitality and care to the homeless this Christmas.
ACP:Krishna-Godavari - (South India) Bp Govada Dyvasirvadam.

Wed 24
Christmas Eve
For all those who cannot share the joy of Christmas.
ACP:Kubwa - (Abuja, Nigeria) Bp Duke Akamisoko.
Porvoo: Southwell and Nottingham, England: Vacancy, Bp Anthony Porter; Borg, Norway: Bp Atle Sommerfeldt.

Thu 25 Christmas Day
That our hearts may always be open to the joy and wonder of God's mighty works.
ACP:Abp Bolly Lapok, Abp of South East Asia & Bp of Kuching; Asst Bp of Kuching - (South East Asia) Bp Aeries Sumping Jingan.

Fri 26 Stephen, deacon, martyr
The Church's solidarity with those who are persecuted.
ACP:Kumasi (Ghana) - (West Africa) Abp Daniel Sarfo; Suffr. Bp of Kumasi - Bp Cyril Ben-Smith.

Sat 27 John, apostle and evangelist
For blessings of peace in the New Year to come.
ACP:Kumi - (Uganda) Bp Thomas Irigei.

Sun 28 Holy Innocents Day or 1st Sunday of Christmas
For children in danger.
ACP:Kushtia - (Bangladesh) Bp Sunil Mankhin.
WCC: Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Mon 29 Holy Innocents Day if not celebrated on Sunday
Thomas Becket, archbishop, martyr, 1170
For the families of clergy in the diocese.
ACP:Kwara - (Kwara, Nigeria) Bp Olusegun Adeyemi; Kutigi - (Lokoja, Nigeria) Bp Jeremiah Kolo.

Tue 30
"For all that has been, Thanks. To all that shall be, Yes" (Dag Hammarskjöld).
ACP:Kwoi - (Abuja, Nigeria) Bp Paul Zamani.

Wed 31
John Wyclif, Reformer

For bible translators and interpreters
ACP:Kyoto - (Japan) Bp Stephen Takashi Kochi.
Porvoo: Oslo, Norway: Bp Ole Christian Kvarme; Durham, England: Bp Paul Butler, Bp Mark Bryant; Moray, Ross & Caithness, Scotland: Bp Mark Strange.