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Prayer Diary for January

January 2015

Praying for the Earth: The Built Environment

We pray for your blessing on the environment of our own making, for town and countryside,
buildings and fields. We give thanks for the ingenuity and artistry of engineers and architects.
We give thanks for those who maintain the fabric of our green and pleasant lands.
(We pray in particular for….)

Thu 1 The Naming and Circumcision of Jesus
For the peace of the world.
ACP:Kyushu - (Japan) Bp Luke Ken-ichi Muto

Fri 2
Basil the Great and Gregory of Nazianzus, bishops, teachers of the faith, 379 and 389 (Turkey)
Seraphim, monk, spiritual guide, 1833 (Russia)
Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah, bishop, evangelist, 1945 (India)

For the International Anglican Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission, co-chairs Bps David Hamid and Donald Bolen.
ACP:Lafia - (Abuja, Nigeria) Bp Miller Maza

Sat 3
For the Anglican Communion Environmental Network.
ACP:Lagos - (Lagos, Nigeria) Abp Ephraim Ademowo

Sun 4 Second Sunday after Christmas or The Epiphany
For Bishops Robert and David and the diocesan staff.
ACP:Lagos West - (Lagos, Nigeria) Bp James Odedeji; Lagos Mainland - (Lagos, Nigeria) Bp Adebayo Akinde
WCC: Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Mon 5
For the International Anglican Youth Network.
ACP:Lahore - (Pakistan) Bp Irfan Jamil
Porvoo: Chichester, England - Bp Martin Warner, Bp Mark Sowerby, Bp Richard Jackson; Mikkeli, Finland - Bp Seppo Häkkinen

Tue 6 The Epiphany if not celebrated on Sunday
For the Conference of European Churches, General Secretary: Guy Liagre.

Wed 7
For those Orthodox Churches celebrating Christmas today.
ACP:Lainya - (Sudan) Bp Peter Amidi Pitia

Thu 8
[Consecration of John Flack, Honorary Assistant Bishop, 1997]

Church Missionary Society, Executive Leader Philip Mounstephen.
ACP:Lake Malawi - (Central Africa) Bp Francis Kaulanda

Fri 9
US (formerly USPG): Chief Executive: Janette O'Neill.
ACP:Lake Rukwa - (Tanzania) Bp Mathayo Kasagara

Sat 10
William Laud, archbishop, 1645

SPCK: General Secretary: Sam Richardson.
ACP:Lango - (Uganda) Bp John Charles Odurkami

Sun 11 The Baptism of Christ
For the Eastern Archdeaconry, especially for the Archdeacon's area (Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Armenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania): Archdeacon: Patrick Curran.
ACP:Langtang - (Jos, Nigeria) Bp Stanley Fube
WCC: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Iran, Iraq

Mon 12
Aelred, abbot, 1167
Benedict Biscop, scholar, 689

Vienna Christ Church, and the congregation Klagenfurt: Chaplain: Patrick Curran; Asst Curate: John Barker (Yerevan).
Old Catholic Church of Austria: Bp John Okoro.
People and Government of Austria.
ACP:Lebombo - (Southern Africa) Bp-elect Carlos Simao Matsinhe
Porvoo: London, England: Bp Richard Chartres, Bp Adrian Newman, Bp Peter Wheatley, Bp Pete Broadbent, Bp Paul Williams, Bp Jonathan Baker

Tue 13
Hilary, bishop, teacher of the faith, 367 (France)
Kentigern (Mungo), missionary bishop, 603 (Scotland)
George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends (Quakers), 1691
DEL week 1

Congregations outside Austria served from Vienna: Yerevan (Armenia); Zagreb (Croatia); Bratislava (Slovakia); Ljubljana (Slovenia): Chaplain: Patrick Curran; Asst Curate: John Barker (Yerevan).
Peoples and governments of Armenia, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia.
ACP:Leicester - (Canterbury, England) Bp Timothy John Stevens; Asst Bp Leicester - Bp Christopher John Boyle

Wed 14
Budapest St Margaret of Scotland including Svabhegy: Priest in charge: Frank Hegedüs.
People and government of Hungary.
ACP:Lesotho - (Southern Africa) Bp Adam Mallane Taaso

Thu 15
Zalaszántó: Associate Chaplain: Denis Moss.
ACP:Lexington - (IV, The Episcopal Church) Bp Douglas Hahn

Fri 16
Bucharest The Resurrection, also serving Sofia (Bulgaria) and Skopje (Macedonia): Chaplain: Vacant.
Romanian Orthodox Church: Patriarch Daniel. Peoples and governments of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania.
ACP:Liberia - (West Africa) Bp Dr Jonathan Bau-Bau Bonaparte Hart

Sat 17
Antony of Egypt, hermit, abbot, 356
Charles Gore, bishop, founder of the Community of the Resurrection, 1932

Prague St Clement, in covenant with Old Catholics, also serving Brno: Priest in charge: Warwick 'Ricky' Yates; Reader: Jack Noonan.
People and government of Czechia.
Old Catholic Church of Czechia: Bp Dušan Hejbal.
ACP:Lichfield - (Canterbury, England) Bp Jonathan Michael Gledhill; Lichfield - Shrewsbury - Bp Mark James Rylands; Lichfield - Stafford - Bp Geoffrey Peter Annas; Lichfield - Wolverhampton - Bp Clive Gregory

Sun 18 2nd Sunday of Epiphany
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins
For ecumenical services during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The themes this year come from the story of the woman at the well in John 4. Day 1: "It is necessary to go through Samaria."
ACP:London - (Canterbury, England) Bp Richard John Carew Chartres; London - Edmonton - Bp Peter William Wheatley; London - Fulham - Bp Jonathan Mark Richard Baker; London - Kensington - Bp Paul Gavin Williams; London - Stepney - Bp Adrian Newman; London - Willesden - Bp Peter Allan Broadbent
WCC: Cyprus, Greece, Turkey

Mon 19
Wulfstan, bishop, 1095
Henry of Finland, bp. Martyr, 1156

WPCU Day 2. "Tired of the journey, Jesus sat down facing the well."
ACP:Lincoln - (Canterbury, England) Bp Christopher Lowson; Lincoln - Grantham - Bp Timothy William Ellis; Lincoln - Grimsby - Bp David Eric Court
Porvoo: Oulu, Finland - Bp Samuel Salmi; Soer-Hålogaland (Bodoe), Norway, Bp Tor Berger Joergensen; Coventry, England - Bp Chris Cocksworth, Bp John Stroyan.

Tue 20
Richard Rolle, spiritual writer, 1349
DEL week 2

WPCU Day 3. "I have no husband."
ACP:Litoral Ecuador - (IX, The Episcopal Church) Bp Alfredo Morante

Wed 21
Agnes, child martyr, 304 (Italy)
WPCU Day 4. "Then the woman left her water jar."
ACP:Liverpool - (York, England) Bp Paul Bayes; Liverpool - Warrington - Bp Richard Finn Blackburn

Thu 22
Vincent of Saragossa, deacon, martyr, 304 (Spain)

WPCU Day 5. "You have no bucket and the well is deep."
ACP:Abp Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales & Bp of Llandaff; Asst Bp Llandaff - (Wales) Bp David Wilbourne

Fri 23
WPCU Day 6. Jesus said : “The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life”
ACP:Lokoja - (Lokoja, Nigeria) Abp Emmanuel Sokowamju Egbunu

Sat 24
Francis de Sales, bishop of Geneva, teacher of the faith, 1622 (France, Switzerland)
WPCU Day 7. "Give me to drink."
ACP:Limerick & Killaloe - (Dublin, Ireland) Bp-elect Kenneth Kearon

Sun 25 Conversion of Paul  or 3rd Sunday of Epiphany
WPCU Day 8. "Many believed because of the woman’s testimony."
Eastern Archdeaconry: Deanery of Southern Balkans, Greece and Turkey: Area Dean: Malcolm Bradshaw, Archbishop of Canterbury's Apocrisiarios to the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece.
ACP:Long Island - (II, The Episcopal Church) Bp Lawrence Provenzano
WCC: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia

Mon 26
Timothy and Titus, companions of Paul (Titus: Crete)
Intercontinental Church Society, Mission Director: Richard Bromley.
ACP:Los Angeles - (VIII, The Episcopal Church) Bp Jon Bruno; 1. Suffr. bp Los Angeles - Bp Mary Glasspool ; 2. Suffr. bp Los Angeles - Bp Diane Jardine Bruce
Porvoo: Tampere, Finland - Bp Matti Repo; Manchester; England - Bp David Walker, Bp Chris Edmondson, Bp Mark Davies.

Tue 27
Holocaust Memorial Day
DEL week 3

For all victims of racial or religious intolerance and violence.
ACP:Louisiana - (IV, The Episcopal Church) Bp Morris Thompson

Wed 28
Thomas Aquinas, priest, philosopher, teacher of the faith, 1274 (Italy)
Greater Athens, including Athens St Paul, Kifissia St Peter, Nafplion; also serving Thessalonica, Patras St Andrew: Senior chaplain: Malcolm Bradshaw; Asst Priest: Ted Wetherall; Readers: Sherry Angelis, Christine Saccali.
ACP:Luapula - (Central Africa) Bp Robert Mumbi

Thu 29
Crete: Asst chaplain: Philip Lambert.
Orthodox Church of Greece: Abp Hieronymos.
ACP:Lucknow - (North India) Bp Maurice Dan

Fri 30
Charles, king and martyr, 1649
Corfu Holy Trinity: Locum chaplain: Frank Sawyer.
People and government of Greece.
ACP:Lui - (Sudan) Bp Stephen Dokolo Ismail

Sat 31
John Bosco, priest, founder of the Salesian Teaching Order, 1888 (Italy)

Ankara St Nicolas: Priest in charge: Vacant.
ACP:Lusaka - (Central Africa) Bp David Njovu