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Prayer Diary for March

March 2015

Praying for the Earth: Light pollution

We thank you for the lights of the natural world and for the lights of human ingenuity. Help us to appreciate the variety of light and the value of darkness. Grant us wisdom in the use of light, so as not to pollute the awesome beauty of the night sky. May we continue to see the stars, and wonder at our place in the vastness of the universe. (We pray in particular for….)

Sun 1 2nd Sunday of Lent
Deanery of Germany / C.A.E.C.G (Council of Anglican and Episcopal Churches) meeting this week in Hamburg 6-7/3.
ACP:Mbale - (Uganda) Bp Patrick Gidudu
WCC: Germany, France

Mon 2
Chad, bishop of Lichfield, missionary, 672
[Consecration of Nicholas Reade, Honorary Assistant Bishop, 2004]

Brittany, including Huelgoat, Ploërmel, Rostrenen: Priest in charge: Frederick Trethewey; Reader: Alan Mason.
ACP:Mbamili - (Niger, Nigeria) Bp Henry Okeke
Porvoo: Peterborough, England - Bp Donald Allister, Bp John Holbrook; Meath and Kildare, Ireland - Bp Pat Storey

Tue 3
Cannes Holy Trinity: Chaplain: Giles Williams; Readers: David Sinclair, Christine Williams.
ACP:Mbeere - (Kenya) Bp Moses Nthuka

Wed 4
Chantilly St Peter: Chaplain: Nicholas Clarke.
ACP:Mbhashe - (Southern Africa) Bp Elliot Williams

Thu 5
Dinard St Bartholomew: Priest in charge: Gareth Randall.
ACP:Meath & Kildare - (Dublin, Ireland) Bp Patricia Louise Storey

Fri 6
Women's World Day of Prayer
Ecumenical services for the Women's World Day of Prayer.
ACP:Medak - (South India) Vacant

Sat 7
Perpetua, Felicity and companions, martyrs at Carthage, 203
For those who are tortured because of their faith.
ACP:Abp Philip Leslie Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne & Primate elect of Australia; Melbourne - Eastern Region - (Victoria, Australia) Bp Barbara Darling; Melbourne - Northern & Western Region - Bp Philip Huggins; Melbourne - Southern Region - Bp Paul White

Sun 8 3rd Sunday of Lent
The Bishop's Lent Appeal.
ACP:Meru - (Kenya) Bp Charles Mwendwa
WCC: Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco and San Marino

Mon 9
Dunkirk, Missions to Seafarers: Chaplain: Ben Humphries.
ACP:Mexico - (Mexico) Bp Carlos Touche-Porter; Western Mexico - (Mexico) Bp Lino Rodriguez-Amaro
Porvoo: Canterbury, England - Abp Justin Welby, Bp Trevor Willmott; Down & Dromore, Ireland - Bp Harold Miller

Tue 10
Evian: Priest: David Miller.
ACP:Eastern Michigan - (V, The Episcopal Church) Bp Todd Ousley; Michigan - (V, The Episcopal Church) Bp Wendell Gibbs

Wed 11
Fontainebleau St Luke: Chaplain: Vacant
ACP:Minna - (Lokoja, Nigeria) Bp Daniel Abu Yisa

Thu 12
For those who care for our church buildings and churchyards.
ACP:Minnesota - (VI, The Episcopal Church) Bp Brian Prior

Fri 13
Grenoble St Marc: Chaplain: Bob Hurley
ACP:Missionary District of Oeste-Brasil - (Brazil) Vacant

Sat 14
People and government of France.
ACP:Milwaukee - (V, The Episcopal Church) Bp Steven Miller; Mississippi - (IV, The Episcopal Church) Bp Duncan Gray, Bp Brian Seage

Sun 15 4th Sunday of Lent: Mothering Sunday
For families and single people in our congregations.
ACP:Missouri - (V, The Episcopal Church) Bp Wayne Smith
WCC: Myanmar, Thailand

Mon 16
La Manche, Christ Church, including Gratot Homëel, Virey and Isigny la Buat: Priest in charge: Vacant; Readers: Linda Brooke, Michael Brooke, Mary Jackson.
ACP:Mityana - (Uganda) Bp Stephen Kaziimba
Porvoo: Chelmsford, England - Bp Stephen Cottrell, Bp John Wraw, Bp Roger Morris, Bp Peter Hill; Karlstad, Sweden - Bp Esbjorn Hagberg

Tue 17
Patrick, bishop, missionary, patron of Ireland, c.460
Le Gard, includes Clermont L'Hérault: Priest in charge: Stafford Low; Reader: Brenda Juntunen.
ACP:Mombasa - (Kenya) Bp Julius Katio Kalu; Asst Bp Mombasa - Bp Lawrence Dena

Wed 18
Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem, teacher of the faith, 386

Italy and Malta Clegy Chapter 18-19/3.
ACP:Monmouth - (Wales) Bp Richard Pain

Thu 19 Joseph of Nazareth
Lille Christ Church: Priest in charge: Debbie Flach; Readers: Paul Ellender, Suzanne Bray.
ACP:Montana - (VI, The Episcopal Church) Bp Charles Franklin Brookhart

Fri 20
Cuthbert, bishop of Lindisfarne, missionary, 687
Lorgues, The Ark Pastoral Care and Christian Fellowship, also serving Fayence: Priest in Charge: Peter Massey.
ACP:Montreal - (Canada, Canada) Bp Barry Bryan Clarke; Moosonee - (Ontario, Canada) Bp Thomas Corston

Sat 21
Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop, Reformation martyr, 1556
Loudun: Priest: Andrew Hubbard.
ACP:Moray, Ross & Caithness - (Scotland) Bp Mark Strange

Sun 22 5th Sunday of Lent: Passiontide begins
For musicians and audiences at performances of the great Passion oratorios.
ACP:Morogoro - (Tanzania) Bp Godfrey Sehaba
WCC: Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

Mon 23
Lyon: Chaplain: Ben Harding; Readers: Keith Burrell, Tim Evans.
ACP:Mount Kenya Central - (Kenya) Bp Isaac Nganga; Suffr. Bp Mount Kenya Central - Bp Allen Waithaka; Mount Kenya West - Bp Joseph Kagunda
Porvoo: Latvia - Abp Janis Vanags, Bp Einars Alpe, Bp Pavils Bruvers; Lichfield, England - Bp Jonathan Gledhill, Bp Mark Rylands, Bp Geoff Annas, Bp Clive Gregory; St Davids, Wales - Bp Wyn Evans

Tue 24
Walter Hilton, mystic, 1396
Oscar Romero, archbishop, martyr, 1980
Paul Couturier, Priest, Ecumenist, 1953 (France)

Maisons-Laffitte Holy Trinity: Priest in Charge: Olaf Eriksson
ACP:Mount Kenya South - (Kenya) Bp Timothy Ranji; Suffr. Bp Mt Kenya South - Bp Charles Muturi

Wed 25 Annunciation of Our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary
[Consecration of Bishop Joachim Vobbe, 1995 , Hon. Asst Bp]

Marseille All Saints, also serving Aix-en- Provence: Priest in charge: Vacant; Readers: Stéphane Javelle, Jane Quarmby.
ACP:Mount Kilimanjaro - (Tanzania) Bp Stanley Elilekia Hotay

Thu 26
Harriet Mansell, founder of the Community of St John the Baptist, 1883

Menton St John: Priest in charge: David Hart.
ACP:Mpumalanga - (Southern Africa) Bp Daniel Kgomosotho

Fri 27
Midi-Pyrénées and Aude, including Alet-les-Bains, Brens, Cahors, Caylus, Limoux, Tarn, Toulouse, Valence d'Agen: Chaplain: Andrew Hawken; Asst chaplains: June Hutchinson, Anthony Jewiss
; Readers: Linda Billenness, Rodney Bridges, Melvyn Fancy, Peter Gibbs, Michael Pennington, Adrian Wilson, Judy Wilson.
ACP:Mthatha (formerly St John's) - (Southern Africa) Bp Sitembele Mzamane

Sat 28
Nice Holy Trinity, also serving Vence St Hugh: Chaplain: Peter Jackson.
ACP:Muhabura - (Uganda) Bp Cranmer Mugisha; Mukono - (Uganda) Bp William Ssebaggala

Sun 29 Palm Sunday
For Jews celebrating Passover this week.
ACP:Jerusalem - (Jerusalem & Middle East) Bp Suheil Dawani
WCC: China, Hong Kong, Macao

Mon 30 Monday of Holy Week
That our churches may be houses of prayer.
ACP:Multan - (Pakistan) Bp Leu Paul
Porvoo: Lund, Sweden - Bp Johan Tyrberg; Cashel , Ossory and Ferns, Ireland - Bp Michael Burrows ; Ely, England: Bp Stephen Conway, Bp David Thomson

Tue 31 Tuesday of Holy Week
[Consecration of Bishop Michael Manktelow, 1977 , Hon. Asst Bp]

Chrism Eucharists in the Diocese. All clergy of the Diocese.
ACP:Mumbai (Form. Bombay) - (North India) Bp Prakash Patole