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Prayer Diary for February

February 2015

Praying for the Earth: Sustainable development

We give thanks for all the blessings of this life, and remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Help us, who have more than enough, to live more simply, that others may simply live. As we borrow the earth from our children, may we not take more than we can return. (We pray in particular for….)

Sun 1 or 4th Sunday of Epiphany or Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas)
Ecumenical Patriarchate (Turkey): Patriarch Bartholomew and all who enable his ministry. Threatened Syrian Orthodox communities in Turkey.
ACP:Luwero - (Uganda) Bp Evans Kisekka
WCC: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

Mon 2 Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas)
if not celebrated on Sunday
[Consecration of Stephen Venner, Honorary Assistant Bishop, 1994]

Didim, St Mary's Anglican and Ecumenical Christian Fellowship: Chaplain: Maurice Ryan.
ACP:Lweru - (Tanzania) Bp Jackton Yeremiah Lugumira
Porvoo: Birmingham, England - Bp David Urquhart, Bp Andrew Watson; Cork Cloyne and Ross, Ireland - Bp Paul Colton; Elsinore, Denmark - Bp Lise-Lotte Rebel

Tue 3
Anskar, Abp of Hamburg, missionary in Denmark and Sweden, 865
DEL week 4. Ordinary time begins.
Gibraltar Archdeaconry Synod meeting this week 3-6/2.
ACP:Machakos - (Kenya) Bp Joseph Mutungi

Wed 4
Gilbert of Sempringham, founder of the Gilbertine order, 1189
Istanbul Christ Church with St Helena, also serving Moda All Saints: Chaplain: Ian Sherwood.
ACP:Madhya Kerala - (South India) Bp Thomas Kanjirappally Oommen

Thu 5
Istanbul, Church of the Resurrection, Pera: Priest in charge: Engin Yildirim; Reader: Rosamund Wilkinson.
ACP:Madi & West Nile - (Uganda) Bp Joel Obetia

Fri 6
Marytrs of Japan, 1597
Accession of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952

Vocations Enquiry Weekend in London 6-8/2.
ACP:Madurai-Ramnad - (South India) Bp Marialouis Joseph

Sat 7
Swiss Archdeaconry Synod in Berne.
ACP:Mahajanga - (Indian Ocean) Bp Jean Claude Andrianjafimanana

Sun 8 2nd Sunday before Lent
Eastern Archdeaconry: Deanery of Russia and Ukraine: Area Dean: Frank Hegedüs.
ACP:Maiduguri - (Jos, Nigeria) Bp Emmanuel Kana Mani
WCC: Ireland, United Kingdom

Mon 9
General Synod meeting in London 9-13 February. Pray for our elected representatives, Debbie Flach, Brian Llewellyn, Ann Turner and Madeleine Holmes.
ACP:Maine - (I, The Episcopal Church) Bp Stephen Lane
Porvoo: Bangor, Wales - Bp Andrew John; Dublin and Glendalough, Ireland - Abp Michael Jackson

Tue 10
Scholastica, abbess, c. 543 (Italy); Shipwreck of St Paul (Malta)
DEL week 5

Izmir St John, also serving Bornova St Mary Magdalene: Priest in charge: Ron Evans.
People and government of Turkey.
ACP:Makamba - (Burundi) Bp Martin Nyaboho

Wed 11
Belgrade St Mary: Priest in charge: Robin Fox, Archbishop of Canterbury's Apocrisiarios to the Patriarch of Serbia.
Peoples and governments of Serbia and Bosnia.
ACP:Makurdi - (Abuja, Nigeria) Bp Nathan Nyitar Inyom

Thu 12
Moscow St Andrew, also serving Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), and Vladivostock: Chaplain: Clive Fairclough.
People and government of the Russian Federation.
ACP:Malaita - (Melanesia) Bp Samuel Sahu; Asst Bp of Malaita - Bp Alfred Hou

Fri 13
St Petersburg: Priest in charge: Vacant.
ACP:Malakal - (Sudan) Bp Hilary Garang Deng; Malakal - Bentiu Area - Bp John Gattek

Sat 14
Cyril and Methodius, missionaries to the Slavs, 869, 885 (Moravia)
Valentine, martyr, c.269 (Italy)

The Russian Orthodox Church. Kirill I, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.
ACP:Manchester - (York, England) Bp David Walker; Manchester - Bolton - Bp Christopher Paul Edmondson; Manchester - Middleton - Bp Mark Davies

Sun 15 Sunday next before Lent
For those taking part in Lent groups.
ACP:Mandalay - (Myanmar) Bp David Nyi Nyi Naing
WCC: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Mon 16
Kiev Christ Church (Ukraine): Priest: Blair Clarson.
People and government of Ukraine.
ACP:Manicaland - (Central Africa) Bp Julius Tawona Makoni
Porvoo: Worcester, England - Bp John Inge, Bp Graham Usher; Hamar, Norway - Bp Solveig Fiske

Tue 17
Shrove Tuesday
Janani Luwum, archbishop, martyr, 1977 (Uganda)
For the grace to forgive and to receive forgiveness.
ACP:Mara - (Tanzania) Bp Hilkiah Omindo Deya

Wed 18 Ash Wednesday
"Remember that you are dust, and to dust you will return. Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ."
ACP:Marathwada - (North India) Bp Madhukar Kasab

Thu 19
Odessa (Ukraine) Mission to Seafarers: Port Chaplain: Sasha Sorokin.
ACP:Maridi - (Sudan) Bp Justin Badi Arama

Fri 20
Saints and marytrs of Africa

Tbilisi (Georgia): Occasional services.
Peoples and governments of the Caucasus.
ACP:Maryland - (III, The Episcopal Church) Bp Eugene Sutton; Maryland - (III, The Episcopal Church) Bp Heather Cook

Sat 21
Warsaw: Priest in charge: David Brown
Polish Old Catholic Church: Bp Wiktor Wysoczanski. People and government of Poland.
ACP:Masasi - (Tanzania) Bp Patrick Mwachiko

Sun 22 1st Sunday of Lent
Archdeaconry of France: Archdeacon: Ian Naylor; Area Deans: Debbie Flach, Andrew Hawken.
ACP:Maseno North - (Kenya) Bp Simon Oketch; Maseno South - (Kenya) Bp Francis Abiero
WCC: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta

Mon 23
Polycarp, bishop, martyr, c.155
Aquitaine, including Bertric Burée, Bordeaux, Condom, Doudrac, Limeuil, Monteton, Périgueux-Chancelade, Ste-Nathalene, Sorges: Chaplain: Paul Vrolijk; Asst chaplains: Bramwell Bearcroft, Brian Davies, Elizabeth Morris, Gillian Strachan; Readers: Janis Adams, Roger Verall.
ACP:Maseno West - (Kenya) Bp Joseph Wasonga
Limerick and Killaloe, Ireland - Bp Kenneth Kearon; Roskilde, Denmark - Bp Peter Fischer-Moeller

Tue 24
Beaulieu-sur-Mer St Michael: Priest in charge: Vacant.
ACP:Masindi-Kitara - (Uganda) Bp George Kasangaki

Wed 25
Ember Day
Ordinands on theological courses: Susan Bolen, Ernest Okoke, Matt Phipps, Nicolas Razfindratsima, Charlotte Sullivan & Mike Waltner, Jane McBride, Phil Harvey, Christine Saccali - ERMC; Jean-Luc Sergent - St Mellitus.
ACP:Massachusetts - (I, The Episcopal Church) Bp Alan McIntosh Gates; Bp Suffr. Massachusetts - Bp Gayle Harris; Western Massachusetts - Bp Douglas Fisher

Thu 26
Biarritz: Priest in charge: Ian Naylor.
ACP:Masvingo - (Central Africa) Bp Godfrey Tawonezwi Matabeleland - (Central Africa) Bp Cleophas Lunga

Fri 27
Ember Day
George Herbert, priest, poet, 1633
Ordinands at theological colleges, Hugo Adan, Emmanuel Nazir Masih - Westcott; Endre Kormos - Mirfield, Angela Lewis - St John’s. Nottingham, James Christie Brown & Olga Fabrikantova - Ridley, Austin Uzoigwe - Queen’s Birmingham.
ACP:Matlosane (formerly Klerksdorp) - (Southern Africa) Bp Stephen Diseko

Sat 28
Ember Day
For vocations to the sacred ministry of the church.
ACP:Mbaise - (Nigeria) Bp Chamberlain Chinedu Ogunedo