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Prayer Diary for October

October 2015

Thu 1
Gregory the Enlightener, bishop, apostle of Armenia, c. 332 (Armenia)
Remigius, Bishop of Rheims, apostle to the Franks, 533 (France)
Anthony Ashley Cooper (Earl of Shaftesbury), social reformer, 1885
Thérèse of Lisieux, religious, 1897 (France)
The Diocesan Communications Group and Chaplaincy webmasters and social media administrators.
ACP:St Edmundsbury & Ipswich - (Canterbury, England) Bp David Thompson; St Edmundsbury & Ipswich - Dunwich - Vacant
Porvoo: Sheffield, England: Bp Steven Croft, Bp Peter Burrows; Sodor and Man, England: Bp Robert Paterson; Greenland: Bp Sofie Petersen.

Fri 2
For a responsible use of the social media.
ACP:St Helena - (Southern Africa) Bp Richard Fenwick

Sat 3
George Bell, Bishop of Chichester, Ecumenist, Peacemaker,1958
For members of our congregations working in countries other than their own.
ACP:St Mark the Evangelist - (Southern Africa) Bp Martin Breytenbach

Sun 4 18th Sunday after Trinity
Archdeaconry of Germany and Northern Europe: Archdeacon: Colin Williams.
ACP:Sunyani (Ghana) - (West Africa) Bp Festus Yeboah-Asuamah
WCC: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

Mon 5
DEL week 27
The Bible Society.
ACP:Swansea & Brecon - (Wales) Bp John Davies

Tue 6
William Tyndale, translator of the scriptures, Reformation martyr, 1536
Bruno, founder of the Carthusian order, 1101 (France)
Deanery of Nordic and Baltic Countries: Area Dean: Nick Howe.
ACP:Swaziland - (Southern Africa) Bp Ellinah Wamukoya

Wed 7
Copenhagen St Alban (serving Aarhus): Chaplain: Darren McCallig; Deacon: Christophe Ndikuriyo; Readers: Graeme Lloyd-Roberts, Victoria Wadsworth-Hansen. Diocesan Director of Training: Ulla Monberg.
ACP:Sydney - (New South Wales, Australia) Abp Glenn Davies; Sydney - Liverpool - Bp Peter Tasker; Sydney - North - Bp Chris Edwards; Sydney - South - Bp Robert Forsyth; Sydney - West - Bp Ivan Lee ; Sydney - Wollongong - Bp Al Stewart

Thu 8
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark: Bp of Copenhagen: Peter Skov-Jakobsen.
ACP:Tabora - (Tanzania) Bp Elias Chakupewa
Porvoo: Swansea and Brecon, Wales: Bp John Davies; Leicester, England: Vacant.

Fri 9
Denys, Bishop of Paris, and his companions, martyrs, c.250 (France)
Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, philosopher, scientist, 1253
The country and people of Denmark.
ACP:Taita-Taveta - (Kenya) Bp Samson Mwaluda

Sat 10
Paulinus, Bishop of York, missionary, 644
Thomas Traherne, poet, spiritual writer, 1674
For prison chaplains.
ACP:Taiwan - (VIII, The Episcopal Church) Bp David Lai

Sun 11 19th Sunday after Trinity
Week of Prayer for World Peace (see Special Prayers page).
ACP:Tamale (Ghana) - (West Africa) Bp Jacob Ayeebo
WCC: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal.

Mon 12
Wilfrid of Ripon, bishop, missionary, 709
Elizabeth Fry, prison reformer, 1845
Edith Cavell, nurse, 1915
DEL week 28
Helsinki St Nicholas, (also serving Kerava, Kuopio, Mikkeli, Oulo, Pori, Turku, International Congregation of Christ the King, Tampere, Vaasa and White Nile): Chaplain: Tuomas Mäkipää; Asst Chaplain: David Oliver; Asst Curate: Amos Manga; Readers: Keith Battarbee (Turku), Emmanuel Eneh (Tampere), John Mills.
ACP:Tanga - (Tanzania) Bp Maimbo Mndolwa

Tue 13
Edward the Confessor, king of England, 1066
The Church's Ministry to Refugees: Amos Manga's work among Sudanese Anglicans in Finland.
ACP:Tarime - (Tanzania) Bp R Mwita Akiri

Wed 14
Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland: Abp Kari Mäkinen.
ACP:Tasmania - (Ex-P, Australia) Bp John Harrower

Thu 15
Teresa of Avila, religious, teacher of the faith, 1582 (Spain)
The government and people of Finland.
ACP:Temotu - (Melanesia) Bp George Takeli
Porvoo: Liverpool, England: Bp Paul Bayes, Bp Richard Blackburn; Monmouth, Wales: Bp Richard Pain; Haderslev, Denmark: Bp Marianne Christiansen.

Fri 16
Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, and Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester, Reformation martyrs, 1555
Oslo St Edmund (serving Bergen, Drammen, Kristiansand, Moss, Stavanger, Tromsö and Trondheim): Chaplain: Brian Russell; Asst Chaplains: Peter Hogarth (Stavanger); Mary Strømmen (Trondheim); Reader: Ursula Sonnewald (Trondheim).
ACP:Tennessee - (IV, The Episcopal Church) Bp John Bauerschmidt

Sat 17
Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, martyr, c.107
[Consecration of Bishop David Hamid, 2002]
Church of Norway: Presiding Bp Helga Haugland Byfuglien.
ACP:Terekeka - (Sudan) Bp Micah Laila Dawidi

Sun 18 20th Sunday after Trinity or Luke the Evangelist
One World Week, theme: "People working together to build a just, peaceful and sustainable world".
ACP:The Arctic - (Rupert's Land, Canada) Bp David Parsons ; Suffr Bp of the Diocese of the Arctic - Bp Darren McCartney
WCC: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

Mon 19 Luke the Evangelist if not celebrated on Sunday
Henry Martyn, translator of the scriptures, missionary in India and Persia, 1812
DEL week 29
All involved in the medical profession. St Luke's Healthcare for the Clergy .
ACP:The Episcopal Church in South Carolina - (IV, The Episcopal Church) Bp Charles Von Rosenberg

Tue 20
Bishop's Staff Meeting 20-21/10.
ACP:The Murray - (South Australia, Australia) Bp John Frank Ford

Wed 21
Friends of the Diocese, meeting today for their annual service: Chair: Mark Pellew; Sec.: Jeanne French..
ACP:Thika - (Kenya) Bp Julius Njuguna Wanyoike

Thu 22
The Bishop's Council 22-23/10.
ACP:Thoothukudi - Nazareth - (South India) Vacant
Porvoo: Truro, England: Bp Tim Thornton, Bp Chris Goldsmith; Tønsberg, Norway: Bp Per Arne Dahl; Strängnäs, Sweden: Bp Hans-Erik Nordin.

Fri 23
People & Government of Norway.
ACP:Tirunelveli - (South India) Bp Jayaraj Christdoss

Sat 24
United Nations Day.
ACP:Toamasina - (Indian Ocean) Bp Jean Paul Solo

Sun 25 Last Sunday after Trinity or Dedication Festival or Bible Sunday
For the work of the United Nations, and for the Anglican Observer offices in New York and Geneva.
ACP:Tohoku - (Japan) Bp John Hiromichi Kato; Tokyo - (Japan) Bp Andrew Yoshimichi Ohata
WCC: The Indian Ocean islands: Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives.

Mon 26
Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons, scholar, 899
Cedd, Abbot of Lastingham, Bishop of the East Saxons, 664
DEL week 30
Gothenburg St Andrew (serving also Gothenburg and Chalmers Universities): Priest in charge and Chaplain to international students: Barbara Moss.
ACP:Toliara - (Indian Ocean) New Diocese - Awaiting Details

Tue 27
Stockholm St Peter and St Sigfrid (serving also Västerås): Chaplain: Nicholas Howe; Reader: Pamela Henderson.
ACP:Torit - (Sudan) Bp Bernard Oringa Balmoi

Wed 28 Simon and Jude, Apostles
Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Sweden: Abp Antje Jackelén.
ACP:Toronto - (Ontario, Canada) Abp Colin Robert Johnson; Toronto - Bp Maurice Philip Poole; Toronto - Trent Durham - Bp Linda Carol Nicholls; Toronto - York - Scarborough - Bp Patrick Tin-Sik Yu; Toronto - York - Simcoe - Bp Peter Fenty

Thu 29 James Hannington, Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa, martyr in Uganda, 1885
People & Government of Sweden.
ACP:Toungoo - (Myanmar) Bp Saw Wilme
Porvoo: Växjö, Sweden: Bp Jan-Olof Johansson; Oxford, England: Bp John Pritchard, Bp Andrew Proud, Bp Colin Fletcher, Bp Alan Wilson.

Fri 30
Our sister diocese of Visby, Sweden: Bp Sven-Bernhard Fast.
ACP:Trichy-Tanjore - (South India) Bp Gnanamuthu Paul Vasanthakumar

Sat 31
Martin Luther, reformer, 1546 (Germany)
For the patron saints of our countries and of our churches.
ACP:Trinidad & Tobago - (West Indies) Bp Claude Berkley