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Prayer Diary

This diary has been compiled to help us pray together for one another and our common concerns. As well as the printed version, it is available on this diocesan website, both for downloading and for viewing. The online version allows for updates as new appointments and other changes are announced.

With a new Prayer Diary editor, a new layout. Each chaplaincy, with the communities it serves, is remembered in prayer once a quarter, according to the following weekly pattern:

• Eastern Archdeaconry: Monday, Saturday

• Archdeaconry of France: Tuesday, Saturday

• Archdeaconry of Gibraltar: Wednesday, Saturday

• Italy & Malta Archdeaconry: Friday

• Archdeaconry of North West Europe: Thursday

• Swiss Archdeaconry: Friday

• Archdeaconry of Germany and Northern Europe

• Nordic and Baltic Deanery: Monday 

• Germany: Saturday

On Sundays, we pray for subjects which affect all of us (e.g. reconciliation, on Remembrance Sunday), or which have local applications for most of us (e.g. the local cathedral or cathedrals). This will include Diocesan Staff, Churches in Communion and Ecumenical Partners. Some chaplains might like to include regular prayers for the other chaplaincies in their deanery. SUNDAY INTERCESSIONS should, by tradition, include prayer for Bishop Robert and the local Head of State by name. In addition, prayers may also include Bishop David (the Suffragan Bishop) and, among the heads of other states, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the leaders of other countries represented in the congregation.

SOURCES AND RESOURCES We formerly included The Anglican Cycle of Prayer  www.anglicancommunion.org/resources/cycle-of-prayer/download-the-acp.aspx

The World Council of Churches prayer cycle 

www.oikoumene.org/en/resources/prayer-cycle   (weekly, prayer resources on site).

The Porvoo Cycle


The festivals and commemorations from the Common Worship Lectionary. (See common worship, pages 2-17 or www.churchofengland.org/prayer-worship/worship/texts.aspx ). These are now omitted in order to provide more space for Diocesan and Chaplaincy prayer points (and in order to keep the editing load manageable).

CONTACT DETAILS Please send all comments, additions, updates and prayer requests to  Anthony Cummings via email: prayer.diary@europe.anglican.org