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Prayer Diary for September 2016

September 2016

Thu 1
Giles of Provence, hermit, c.710 (France)
Utrecht Holy Trinity (serving Zwolle and Amersfoort): Chaplain: David Phillips; Asst Chaplain Grant Norman Crowe (Amersfoort).
ACP:George - (Southern Africa) Bp Brian Marajh

Fri 2
Martyrs of Papua New Guinea, 1901, 1942
Vlissingen, Mission to Seafarers: Chaplain: Remco Robinson.
ACP:Georgia - (IV, The Episcopal Church) Bp Scott Benhase

Sat 3
Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome, teacher of the faith, 604 (Italy)
Voorschoten St James: Chaplain: Ruan Crew; Reader: Anthony Cummings.
ACP:Gippsland - (Victoria, Australia) Bp Kay Goldsworthy; Grafton - (New South Wales, Australia) Bp Sarah Macneil

Sun 4 15th Sunday after Trinity
Swiss Archdeaconry: Archdeacon: Adèle Kelham.
ACP:PRAY for The Anglican Church of Tanzania. Abp Jacob Erasto Chimeledya, Archbishop of Tanzania & Bishop of Mpwapwa
WCC: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia.

Mon 5
DEL week 23
People and government of the Netherlands.
ACP:Gitega - (Burundi) Bp John Nduwayo

Tue 6
Allen Gardiner, missionary, founder of the South American Missionary Society, 1851
The Old Catholic Church in the Netherlands: Abp Joris Vercammen.
ACP:Glasgow & Galloway - (Scotland) Bp Gregor Duncan
Porvoo: Turku, Finland: Abp Kari Mäkinen, Bp Kaarlo Kalliala; York, England: Abp John Sentamu, Bp Glyn Webster, Bp Alison White, Bp John Thomson, Bp Paul Ferguson.

Wed 7
The honorary assistant bishops and their pastoral ministry in the diocese.
ACP:Gloucester - (Canterbury, England) Bp Rachel Treweek; Gloucester - Tewkesbury - Bp Martyn James Snow

Thu 8
Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Nordic and Baltic Deanery Chapter and Synod meeting in Riga 8-11/9

Fri 9
Charles Fuge Lowder, priest, 1880
Basel St Nicholas: Chaplain: Hilary Jones; Asst Chaplains: Russell Hilliard, Anne Lowen; Reader: Nigel Spencer; Youth Coordinator: Katie Wilkinson.
ACP:Gombe - (Jos, Nigeria) Bp Henry Ndukuba

Sat 10
Berne St Ursula: Chaplain: Vacant; Asst Chaplain: Linda Bisig; Assoc. Priest: Mark Pogson; Youth Coordinator: Mary McKinley.
ACP:Grahamstown - (Southern Africa) Bp Ebenezer Ntlali

Sun 11 16th Sunday after Trinity
Racial Justice Sunday
For peace, harmony and understanding between neighbours of different races and/or religions.
ACP:PRAY for The Church of the Province of Uganda. Abp Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of Uganda & and Bishop of Kampala:; Asst Bishop of Kampala - (Uganda) Bp Hannington Mutebi
WCC: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia.

Mon 12
[Consecration of Bishop Harald Rein, 2009, Hon. Asst Bp]
DEL week 24
Geneva Holy Trinity: Chaplain: Alexander Gordon; Readers: Roy Damary, Betty Talbot; Youth Work Coordinator: Lou Cox.
ACP:Guadalcanal - (Melanesia) Bp Nathan Tome

Tue 13
John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, teacher of the faith, 407 (Turkey)
Geneva Emmanuel Church (TEC): Rector: John Beach.
ACP:Guatemala - (Central America) Abp Armando Guerra Soria; Panama - (Central America) Bp Julio Murray
Porvoo: Salisbury, England: Bp Nicholas Holtam, vacancy, Bp Edward Condry; St Asaph, Wales: Bp Gregory Cameron; Ribe, Denmark: Bp Elof Westergaard.

Wed 14 Holy Cross Day
La Côte, Gingins and Divonne-les-Bains: Chaplain: Carolyn Cooke; Asst Chaplain: Julia Chambeyron.
ACP:Guildford - (Canterbury, England) Bp Andrew John Watson; Guildford - Dorking - vacancy

Thu 15
Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, martyr, 258
Lausanne Christ Church, serving Neuchatel: Priest in charge: Adèle Kelham.
ACP:Guinea - (West Africa, West Africa) Bp Jacques Boston

Fri 16
Ninian, Bishop of Galloway, Apostle of the Picts, c.432
Edward Bouverie Pusey, priest, tractarian, 1882
Lugano St Edward the Confessor: Priest in charge: Vacant.
ACP:Gujarat - (North India) Bp Silvans Christian

Sat 17
Hildegard, Abbess of Bingen, visionary, 1179 (Germany)
Montreux St John (serving Anzère, Monthey, Villars): Priest in charge: Paul Dalzell.
ACP:Gusau - (Kaduna, Nigeria) Bp John Garba

Sun 18 17th Sunday after Trinity
Swiss National Day of Prayer: the people and government of Switzerland.
ACP:PRAY for The Episcopal Church. Abp Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of TEC
WCC: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania.

Mon 19
Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, 690
DEL week 25
Vevey All Saints (serving Chateau d'Oex): Chaplain: Clive Atkinson; Youth Work Coordinator: Jonny Torrance.
ACP:Guyana - (West Indies) Vacant

Tue 20
John Coleridge Patteson, first Bishop of Melanesia, and his companions, martyrs, 1871
The Anglican Old Catholic International Coordinating Committee: Co-chairs: Michael Burrows, Dirk Jan Schoon.
ACP:Gwagwalada - ( Abuja, Nigeria) Bp Moses Tabwaye
Porvoo: Tuam, Killala and Achonry, Ireland: Bp Patrick Rooke; Bath and Wells, England: Bp Peter Hancock, Bp Ruth Worsley

Wed 21 Matthew, apostle and evangelist
[Consecration of Bishop Richard Garrard, 1994, Hon. Asst Bp]
Seasonal chaplaincies in Switzerland: Interlaken, Kandersteg, Mürren, St Moritz, Wengen, Zermatt.
ACP:Haiti - (II, The Episcopal Church) Bp Jean Duracin; Suffr. Bishop of Haiti - Bp Oge Beauvoir

Thu 22
Zürich St Andrew ( serving Baden, St Gallen, Zug): Chaplain: Paul Brice; Readers: Br Marcel Benedict.
ACP:Hanuato'o - (Melanesia) Bp Alfred Karibongi

Fri 23
Eastern Archdeaconry Synod meeting at Warsaw, 22-25/9.
ACP:Harare - (Central Africa) Bp Chad Nicholas Gandiya

Sat 24
[Consecration of Bishop Michael Colclough, 1996, Hon. Asst Bp]
Old Catholic Church in Switzerland: Bp Harald Rein.
ACP:Hawaii - (IX, The Episcopal Church) Bp Robert Fitzpatrick

Sun 25 18th Sunday after Trinity
The leaders of the churches in the countries where we live.
ACP:PRAY for The Church in Wales. Abp Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales & Bishop of Llandaff
WCC: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.

Mon 26
Wilson Carlile, founder of the Church Army, 1942
DEL week 26
Diocesan Press & Communications Officer: Paul Needle; and Chaplaincy magazine editors.
ACP:Hereford - (Canterbury, England) Bp Richard Frith. Hereford - Ludlow - Bp Alistair James Magowan

Tue 27
Vincent de Paul, founder of the Congregation of the Mission (Lazarists), 1660 (France)
The Diocesan Communications Group and Chaplaincy webmasters and social media administrators.
ACP:Highveld - (Southern Africa) Bp David Bannerman
Porvoo: Sheffield, England: Vacant, Bp Peter Burrows; Sodor and Man, England: Bp Robert Paterson; Greenland: Bp Sofie Petersen.

Wed 28
Ember Day
For those exploring their vocation, and for Vocations Advisors.
ACP:Ho - (Ghana, West Africa) Bp Matthias Mededues-Badohu

Thu 29 Michael and All Angels
[Consecration of Bishop Michael Turnbull, 1988, Hon. Asst Bp]
For a responsible use of the social media.
ACP:Honduras - (V, The Episcopal Church) Bp Lloyd Allen

Fri 30
Ember Day
Jerome, translator of the scriptures, teacher of the faith, 420 (Croatia)
New clergy in training. Diocesan Director of Training: Ulla Monberg.
ACP:Hpa-an - (Myanmar) Bp Saw Stylo