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Locum Priests

This section is only for priests who are on the Diocesan Locum List.

The locum list is temporarily closed, ie new Permissions to Officiate are not currently being issued.  Notice of the list re-opening will be posted here; this is not anticipated to be before January 2018.

Guidelines for Locum Priests

Expressions of interest from priests who have Permission to Officiate and are on the Diocesan Locum List for any of the locum duties listed below to be sent by email to:


Guidance for Locum Priests - Health Insurance

An insurance policy against sickness or accident must be taken out to cover a locum priest's period of duty; it is the responsibility of the locum priest to arrange adequate insurance cover. Particular care should be taken regarding any insurance restrictions on the length of stay. Please read the small print on any policy you take out.

In additional to travel insurance, UK residents are also strongly advised to obtain, and take with them a European Health Insurance card. Please refer to the UK Government's advice available on


Requests for cover: 


  • Kiev: the Chaplaincy is seeking a locum for Advent and Christmas 2017

 Please contact for more information.


December 2017 and into 2018

  • Bordeaux: the chaplaincy is looking for locums for November 2017 onwards
  • Versailles: St Mark's is seeking locums for December 2017 onwards 
  • Ankara: the chaplaincy is seeking locums from after April 2018
  • Heidelberg: the chaplaincy is seeking a locum for February 2018

Please contact for more information concerning the above vacancies


Ongoing locum opportunities

  • Biarritz - the Chaplaincy is seeking locums willing to travel there for occasional weekends and take the Sunday service.  Please contact for more information
  • Taormina, Sicily:  Cover is for a month at a time. Vacancies are currently available for various dates in 2019, but vacancies sometimes occur due to cancellations. Please get in touch with if you are interested and may be able to help. General information about Taormina Locum may be found here
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