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The Ministry Team

The Bishop, the Suffragan Bishop, the Suffragan Bishop's Chaplain, the Director of Training, the Diocesan Director of Ordinands, the Senior Tutor and Adviser for Reader Ministry with the Director of Lay Discipleship together form the Ministry Team, which meets several times a year to co-ordinate and support all who carry major responsibilities at the diocesan level for ministry, vocations and training.


Diocesan Director of Ordinands (DDO):

The Revd Canon William GullifordThe Revd Canon William Gulliford

The heart of the work of the DDO is to act for the Bishop on the assessment of postulants for Holy Orders and to provide oversight of the candidates during their training.

The principal duties of the DDO include:

  • interviewing all postulants (and spouses)
  • advising the bishops on suitability of postulants for ordination
  • preparing postulants for selection conference, and debriefing with them afterwards
  • overseeing candidates in training for ordination
  • advising the bishops on appropriate first title posts for new ordinands

The DDO is a half-time position, based in London. Postal contact via the Diocesan Office


Director of Ministerial Development:

The Revd Canon Ulla MonbergThe Revd Canon Ulla Monberg

The heart of the work of the Director of Ministerial Development is to support training programmes for laity and the recently ordained, and to advise the bishops on matters related to Continuing Ministerial Education.

The principal duties include:

  • framing programmes of training for Readers
  • supervising those in training for reader or other lay ministry
  • framing programmes for Post Ordination Training (POT)
  • advising the bishops on Continuing Ministerial Education (CME) for clergy and licensed Readers

The Director of Ministerial Development is a full-time position, based in Continental Europe.

Contact information for Canon Ulla Monberg is as follows:

Borgmester Jensens Alle 9, 2th,
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø,

T: +45 35 2606 60

Director of Reader Ministry:

The Revd Elaine Labourel:
also Diocesan Reader Selector           

4 avenue de Savigny
91700 Ste Genevieve des Bois


Director of Discipleship:

Dr. Clare AmosDr. Clare Amos

Dr Amos joined the Ministry Team in Autumn 2016 

Ministry Team Administration:

Debbie CunninghamDebbie Cunningham

This part-time post provides administrative support to the DDO, the Director of Training and limited support to the Warden of Readers.

Contact at the Diocesan Office.


The Warden of Readers:

The Rt Revd David Hamid

The Warden of Readers is appointed by the Bishop to have overall responsibility and oversight for the ministry of readers in the diocese.

Auxiliary Support for Vocations and Ministry

Other key individuals are appointed by the Bishop to assist, in an honorary capacity, the members of the Ministry Team in its tasks.

Assistant Directors of Ordinands/Diocesan Reader Selectors

Appointed to assist the DDO in the assessment of postulants for Holy Orders, and to assist the Warden of Readers in the assessment of candidates for Reader Ministry.

  • The Revd Alex Gordon
  • The Revd Sam Van Leer
  • The Revd William Lister
  • The Revd Paul Ormrod
  • The Revd Nigel Stimpson
  • The Revd Mary Strommen
  • The Revd Canon Geoff Johnston (with special responsibility for C4 faculties)

Area Vocation Advisors

Appointed to liaise with chaplains in encouraging vocations to ministry, whether lay, religious or ordained.

  • Dr Rosemary Selle - Heidelberg
  • Ms Sonia Taylor - St George's Paris
  • The Revd Ruan Crew - Voorschoten
  • The Revd Douglas Emmott
  • The Revd Engin Yildrim
  • The Revd Allan Hughes
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