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The General Synod

The 1980 Measure of the General Synod creating the unified Diocese in Europe and the 1995 Diocesan Constitution together provide for the Diocese to be represented in all three houses of the General Synod.

House of Bishops:

ex officio, Diocesan Bishop

The diocese elects two proctors of the clergy as their representatives in the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury in accordance with the provisions of Canon H2. The diocese also elects two lay persons as their representatives in the House of Laity of the General Synod in accordance with the provisions of Part V of the Church Representation Rules. Elections for the present quinquennium took place during the summer of 2015.

House of Clergy

(Proctors in the Convocation of Canterbury)

The Reverend Canon Debbie Flach (2005)

The Reverend Canon Giles Williams (2015)
The Reverend Tuomas Makipaa (2015)

House of Laity

Mrs Madeleine Holmes (2010)

Mr Tjeerd Bijl (2015)
Mr David Coulston (2015)