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General Information

The Diocese has vacancies from time to time for Chaplains in Europe. These opportunities are normally advertised in the Church Times and / or the Church of England Newspaper, either by the Diocese or a body with a historic right of nomination, most often the Intercontinental Church Society.

Enquiries about a particular post should be addressed to the person mentioned in the advertisement. A Recruitment Pack, which will include an Application Form and notes on its completion, will be provided normally by email.

If the partner of an applicant is ordained it is helpful if this could be indicated so that additional information can be sent if the applicant is selected for interview.

It is helpful, if some information about language skills and competency level could be given ie basic; basic++; or, fluent.

A completed Application Form may be sent by email but, if it is not signed, the applicant should send the application also by post.

All applicants should note that a proficiency in spoken and written English is a diocesan requirement for all licensed clergy.

Applicants called for interview will be sent a Confidental Declaration to be completed and signed. This relates to the Safeguarding Policy (screening and vetting).

An introduction to ministry in the Diocese in Europe is available in the booklet, New Horizons - Welcoming you to Ministry in the Diocese in Europe (about 5 Mb) which can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Data Protection

Applicants should be aware of the following:

Information given on the Application Form may be shared with the members of the Bishop's senior staff, the Appointed Church Representatives selected to act on behalf of the Church Council in connection with the appointment and the Archdeacon.

Certain information eg name, address, telephone/fax number and email address are stored electronically on the diocesan database. The completed Application Form may also stored in a manual filing system.

The Diocese in Europe is registered under the Data Protection Act 1984, registration number: U076412

Travel Expenses

Interviews will normally take place in London.

For priests within the Church of England, Church of Wales, Church of Ireland and Episcopal Church of Scotland travelling expenses to London will be reimbursed in full.

It is an expectation that care will be taken to ensure that the most economical method of travel will be used.

For priests within other Provinces of the Anglican Church travelling expenses to London will be reimbursed from the port of entry into England ie port or airport.

Priests serving in Anglican Provinces (or Churches in Communion) beyond Europe should indicate on the Application Form the sources of funding that (were they to be selected for the short list) would enable them to travel to London or other venue indicated for interview on the specified date.

Offers of Appointment

Offers of employment are conditional upon:

Completion of the Confidential Declaration and providing the *supporting documents as indicated.

*Supporting Documents: a certificate to evidence the absence of a criminal record from every country in which an applicant has resided for a period of six months or more since the age of 16. Advice and guidance the procedures for most countries is available from the Assistant Diocesan Secretary.

Please note that only the Appointee is required to apply for these certificates but all applicants should be aware of the requirements.

Evidence of ordination - Letters of Orders (Canon C10(2) Canons of the Church of England).

For priests ordained other than in the Church of England, the Church in Wales, the Church of Ireland or Episcopal Church of Scotland, obtaining the Archbishop of Canterbury's Permission to Officiate under the Overseas and Other Clergy (Ministry and Ordination) Measure 1967.

Submission of a medical certificate or letter from GP indicating fitness to work in the place where the chaplaincy or congregation is situated.

Receipt of the Confirmation of Acceptance of the Appointment from the Appointed Representatives of the Chaplaincy or Congregation.

The Statement of Particulars and Terms of Service agreement having been completed and signed by the Churchwardens, the Appointee, the Archdeacon and the Diocesan Secretary.

Completion of an Application Form

Here's a great article on how to complete an application form, if you require advice.


Locum Priests

This section is only for priests who are on the Diocesan Locum List.

Guidelines for Locum Priests

Locum Opportunities in the Diocese - General Information

Expressions of interest from priests who are on the Diocesan Locum List for any of the locum duties listed below to be sent by email to: Catherine.jackson@churchofengland.org


Guidance for Locum Priests - Health Insurance

An insurance policy against sickness or accident must be taken out to cover a locum priest's period of duty, this will only be undertaken by the diocese, if it is for a priest covering a vacancy, and the diocese is making the travel arrangements (booking the tickets). Otherwise it is the responsibility of the locum priest to arrange adequate insurance cover. Particular care should be taken regarding any insurance restrictions on the length of stay. Please read the small print on any policy you take out.

In additional to travel insurance, UK residents are also strongly advised to obtain, and take with them a European Health Insurance card. Please refer to the UK Government's advice available on https://www.gov.uk/guidance/advice-for-british-nationals-travelling-and-living-in-Europe


Requests for cover: 


  • Costa Almeria & Costa Calida: the Chaplaincy is seeking a locum for July 2017
  • Montreux the Chaplaincy needs a locum for 30th July and early August 2017
  • Tangier  the Chaplaincy is seeking locums with immediate effect 
  • Chantilly: the Chaplain is seeking cover from 30th July until mid-August
  • Izmir:  the Chaplaincy is seeking locums from with immediate effect
  • Kiev: the Chaplaincy is seeking locums from with immediate effect
  • Midi-Pyrenees & Aude: the Chaplaincy is seeking a locum with immediate effect

Please contact  emma.biaggi@churchofengland.org for more information.


August - October 2017

  • Malaga:  the Chaplaincy is seeking ideally a 2-3 month long locum starting in late August 2017
  • Pau: the Chaplaincy is seeking locums from mid-October - December 2017.
  • Versailles: Locum Priests are needed from the beginning of September 2017.
  • Marseille: Locum priests needed for September and October 2017
  • The Algarve: Locum priests are needed for St Vincent's, from September 2017

December 2017 and into 2018

  • Luxembourg: the Chaplaincy is seeking locums from mid-November 2017.
  • Costa Brava: the chaplaincy is seeking locums from February 2018
  • Lausanne: the chaplaincy is seeking locums from January 2018

Please contact  emma.biaggi@churchofengland.org for more information concerning the above vacancies


Long term locum opportunities

  • St. Moritz: the Chaplaincy is seeking a seasonal chaplain from 24 December 2017 to 25 February 2018 (Inclusive). Please contact emma.biaggi@churchofengland.org for more information
  • Biarritz - the Chaplaincy is seeking locums willing to travel there for occasional weekends and take the Sunday service.  Please contact emma.biaggi@churchofengland.org for more information
  • Taormina, Sicily:  Cover is for a month at a time. Vacancies are currently available for August 2018 and for various dates in 2019, but vacancies sometimes occur due to cancellations. Please get in touch with Catherine.jackson@churchofengland.org if you are interested and may be able to help. General information about Taormina Locum may be found here