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Welcome to our Brexit Resources Hub!

This resource has three objectives. It aims to: 

  • Give you the Brexit information you need – from Governments and the EU;
  • Signpost you to other sources looking at specific issues, to help you have discussions in your chaplaincies on Brexit; and
  • Keep you posted on the advocacy work Bishop Robert is leading, especially on Citizens' Rights issues, as well as on Brexit in the wider Church.

And we know there are a huge range of issues that are concerning people across the Diocese, not least on citizens’ rights issues around residency, working, doing business, drawing pensions, travelling, studying …  

We cannot, of course, be responsible for the content of material not produced by the Diocese or more widely by Church of England, but we hope the following bundle of resources and links will help you.  We will add to them, and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions.   

Brexit has been a key priority for the Diocese since the 2016 Referendum.  You can find out more about our work in the European Institutions on our related page in the Resources section:


European Commission Guidance on Brexit Preparedness

UK and EU citizens' rights will be protected reciprocally for a transition period until 31 December 2020 by the terms and provisions of the revised Withdrawal Agreement concluded by the UK and EU, provided that this Agreement been ratified, by both the UK and the EU.  The UK has indicated its intention to leave the EU on 31 January 2020.

The link is provided for reference.  Please note it has been prepared by the European Commission to cover a no deal scenario at the end of the proposed transition period.   Its contents are material provided by EU27 Member State authorities in response to the following questions, with a link to more detailed information in the case of the Member State.

  • I am a UK national living in [EU27 Member State]. In case of a no-deal scenario, what should I do to keep my residence rights after Brexit date? When should I do it?
  • What will my rights be?   

  • How can I travel to other Member States or cross the EU external borders?   

  • I have resided in [x] for more than five years. How can I obtain EU long-term residence status?    

  • My family members (spouse, children) are citizens of a third country (neither EU nor UK). What should they do to keep their residence rights?

13 December 2019:  European Council Conclusions 

EU27 leaders discussed Brexit and preparations for the negotiations on future EU-UK relations after the withdrawal. They reconfirmed their aim of establishing the closest possible future relationship with the UK and welcomed the Commission’s decision to reappoint Michel Barnier.

Here is a link to the European Council Conclusions - this web link also provides access to a full chronology of developments dating back to June 2016.


Article 50 Special European Council - 17 Oct 19  

21 October 2019:  Revised Withdrawal Agreement Bill:

17 October 2019 Brexit Special European Council Conclusions:

European Commission summary of the proposals: 

Withdrawal Agreement Protocol on Ireland/NI (revised):

Political Declaration (revised):



UK Government -

No deal readiness report

Brexit proposal letter submitted by the UK Prime Minister to President of the European Commission (new Protocol on Northern Ireland/Ireland:

UK Government fund for UK nationals living in the EU (30 Aug 19) 

UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, has announced a £3M fund for UK nationals living in the EU to get ready for Brexit:     



European Council, 11 Apr 2019  

- The CONCLUSIONS OF THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL meeting as EU27 are the link below.  These provide for an extension of Article 50 up to 31 October 2019; and require the UK to hold EP elections, if it has not ratified the Withdrawal Agreement by 22 May.

- The EUROPEAN COUNCIL DECISION taken in agreement with the United Kingdom extending the period under Article 50(3)TEU are at this link:


- DISCUSSION/ANALYSIS:   A campaigning group on Citizens’ Rights supporting the 3 million EU citizens resident in the UK.   The UK in a Changing Europe is a think tank that offers analysis of both politics and policy issues on Brexit.  



Bishop Robert reflects on Brexit in BBC interviews (30 Dec 19)

UK General Election 2019: Statement by Bishop Robert

Bishop Robert warns against no deal perils (22 Oct 19)

An Open letter to members of the Diocese from Bishop Robert  (4 Oct 19)

Brexit: Bishops issue letter on 'no deal'  (29 Aug 19)

Bishop Robert urges new UK Government to avoid no deal Brexit (25 Jul 19)

Bishop Robert’s BBC interviews (posted 18 Mar 19): 

Support from Dame Caroline Spelman MP on healthcare post-Brexit (posted 15 Feb 19):

Includes Bishop Robert’s article: Brexit – A European Voice (posted 31 Jan 19):



For more information or queries on the Brexit Resources Hub, please contact:

Damian Thwaites
Bishop Robert’s Attaché to the European Institutions

T: +32 470 470 283



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