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Welcome to our Brexit Resources Hub!

This resource has three objectives. It aims to: 

  • Give you the Brexit information you need – from Governments and the EU;
  • Signpost you to other sources looking at specific issues, to help you have discussions in your chaplaincies on Brexit; and
  • Keep you posted on the advocacy work Bishop Robert is leading, especially on Citizens' Rights issues, as well as on Brexit in the wider Church.

And we know there are a huge range of issues that are concerning people across the Diocese, not least on citizens’ rights issues around residency, working, doing business, drawing pensions, travelling, studying …  

We cannot, of course, be responsible for the content of material not produced by the Diocese or more widely by Church of England, but we hope the following bundle of resources and links will help you.  We will add to them, and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


** BREXIT LATEST ** - European Council, 11 Apr 2019  

- The CONCLUSIONS OF THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL meeting as EU27 are the link below.  These provide for an extension of Article 50 up to 31 October 2019; and require the UK to hold EP elections, if it has not ratified the Withdrawal Agreement by 22 May.

- The EUROPEAN COUNCIL DECISION taken in agreement with the United Kingdom extending the period under Article 50(3)TEU are at this link:


Bishop Robert has commented:

"European Union leaders have now taken some further decisions to guide next steps on Brexit.

I welcome the fact that a damaging no deal outcome for our country appears to be receding.

At the same time, everyone clearly needs a greater sense of certainty for the future, including UK nationals in the EU27.

I urge continuing prayers at this time, particularly for decision-makers in their weighty responsibilities ahead."




UK Government:




This EU site includes links to each of the EU27 member states’ guidance on Brexit. 


- DISCUSSION/ANALYSIS:   A campaigning group on Citizens’ Rights supporting the 3 million EU citizens resident in the UK.   The UK in a Changing Europe is a think tank that offers analysis of both politics and policy issues on Brexit.  




Bishop Robert’s BBC interviews (posted 18 Mar 19): 

Support from Dame Caroline Spelman MP on healthcare post-Brexit (posted 15 Feb 19):

Includes Bishop Robert’s article: Brexit – A European Voice (posted 31 Jan 19):



Archbishop of York's Prayers for the UK Parliament, and the European Union (NEW):


For more information on the Brexit Resources Hub, please contact Damian, Bishop Robert’s European Institutions Attaché and Diocesan Communications Director:


Updated: 20 May 2019 


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