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Cathedral Chapter

The unified Cathedral Chapter of the Diocese was created by an episcopal declaration in February 1997. It replaces the former separate chapters of the cathedral and pro-cathedral churches, though the Chapter stalls are dispersed among those churches. The function of the Cathedral Chapter is to support the Bishop by prayer and counsel.

The Chapter is governed by statutes which appear as an appendix to the Diocesan Handbook. Ex officio members comprise the Bishop, the Suffragan Bishop, the Dean of Gibraltar and the chancellors of the pro-cathedrals, all vicars general and archdeacons.

The Bishop may appoint canons who are either (a) ordained or lay persons holding his licence or being on an electoral roll in a chaplaincy of this Diocese; or (b) other persons, ordained or lay, of others dioceses and Churches appointed as honorary canons.

All canons are so far as possible allocated a particular named stall. However, the Bishop may appoint additional canons if no stall is vacant or, for serious reason, persons holding a particular appointment or responsibility connected to the Diocese. (Additional canons are not allocated a named stall).

Each member of the Chapter undertakes (a) to use daily the prayer provided from time to time by the Bishop; (b) to pray regularly for other members of the Chapter; (c) to observe in some suitable way the Feast of the Holy Trinity and the Feast of the Shipwreck of St Paul in Malta (10 February).


The Bishop: The Right Reverend Dr Robert Innes (2014)

Dean: --- Position Vacant ---


Chapter Clerk: The Reverend Canon Francis Noordanus (2018) 


Canons with a named stall:

— in the Choir of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Gibraltar

St Andrew the Apostle: The Right Reverend David Hamid (2002 ex officio, Suffragan Bishop)

Our Lady of Europe: The Reverend Canon Adele Kelham (2016 Acting Archdeacon of Switzerland)

St James: The Reverend Canon Kenneth Dimmick (2016)

St Bernard: vacant

St Birgitta [Bridget] of Sweden: Lay Canon Professor Grace Davie (2003 honorary)

St George: The Reverend Canon William Gulliford (2012)

St Paul the Apostle: The Reverend Canon Andrew Wright (2016)

St Teresa of Jesus [of Avìla]: Lay Canon Ann Turner (2007 honorary)

St John Chrysostom: The Reverend Canon Geoffrey Johnston (2013 Interim Archdeacon of Gibraltar)

St Cecilia: The Revd Canon Carolyn Cooke (2019)

John Keble: The Reverend Canon Professor Robin Gill (2012: Canon Theologian)


— in the Pro-Cathedral of St Paul, Valletta, Malta

St Luke: The Reverend Canon Simon Godfrey (2009 ex officio, Chancellor)

St Silas: The Revd Canon Paul Ormrod (2018)

St Timothy: The Reverend Canon Andrew Wagstaff (2012)

St Barnabas: The Reverend Canon Ian Sherwood (1997)

St Agnes: vacant

St Mark: vacant

St Polycarp: The Reverend Canon Malcolm Bradshaw (2001)

St Catherine of Siena: The Venerable Meurig Williams (2011, 2016 Archdeacon of France) 

St Helena: The Venerable Vickie Simms (2016)

St Titus: The Reverend Canon Jonathan Boardman (2007)

St Ignatius of Antioch: The Reverend Canon Christopher Jage-Bowler (2010)

John Henry Newman: The Reverend Canon Matthew Harrison (2013)

(The stall of St Paul, assigned under previous statutes to the Dean of Malta, is used by the chaplain based at Holy Trinity, Sliema - who is not a member of the Chapter)


 — in the Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Brussels, Belgium

St Benedict: The Venerable Dr Paul Vrolijk (ex officio, Chancellor and 2016 Archdeacon of North West Europe)

Edith Cavell: The Reverend Canon Elaine Labourel (2017)

St Willibrord: vacant

St Nicholas von Flüe:

St Henry of Finland: The Reverend Canon Dr Leslie Nathaniel (2012)

St Anselm: The Reverend Canon Professor Jack McDonald (2015, Canon Theologian)

St Stanislaus of Poland: The Reverend Canon Debbie Flach (2007)

St Boniface: The Reverend Canon John Wilkinson (2008)

St Augustine of Canterbury: The Reverend Canon Ulla Monberg (2010)


Canons without stalls

The Right Reverend Jonathan Goodall (2005; Bishop of Ebbsfleet and Episcopal Visitor in the Province of Canterbury)

The Reverend Canon Philip Mounstephen (2012 CMS Executive Leader)

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