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Clergy Retirement

Diocesan Retirement Officer

Revd. Dr John Marvell 

Email:    Tel:   0033 299 16 56 74

The Diocese in Europe Retirement Brochure

DinE Retirement Brochure (PDF)


PtO Regulations 2018 

Support to clergy widows 


Preparing for Retirement

Key matters to consider as you approach retirement are in the Diocesan Retirement Brochure, which you will find above. The topics, in it, are those covered in clergy retirement courses. The Pensions Board Staff will, normally, be present, at clergy retirement courses, to give expert advice on money matters and Pensions Board housing.

Arrangements have been made with two dioceses in South East England to accept clergy from The Diocese in Europe on their clergy retirement courses. If you are retiring to England, and know to which diocese you are retiring, it is possible for the Diocesan Retirement Officer to approach appropriate diocesan officer, in that diocese, to ask if you can attend their diocesan retirement course. Spouses are, usually, invited as well. CME grant money is available to help meet the cost.

If you are retiring to England, your Archdeacon will be able to arrange, if you wish, a meeting with a senior member of the diocesan staff in the diocese to which you are retiring. If you are retiring in The Diocese in Europe, ask your Archdeacon if such a meeting can be arranged with them. At this you can discuss possibilities of ministry in retirement and raise any personal matters. This may have to be via Skype or telephone. Ministry in retirement will different, to a greater or lesser extent, to your previous parish ministry. It is useful to prepare, on an A4 sheet of paper, your experiences and competences and either send it beforehand or take it to the interview. This information will help the diocesan officer in advising you on possibilities open to you.

Membership of the Retired Clergy Association is well worth considering. Life membership is not expensive. This is a retirement gift that the chaplaincy church members could make. The RCA has a fund of knowledge and skills relating to clergy retirement and has helped many retired clergy. There are local RCA groups in all the English dioceses. The RCA has an excellent web-site. Enter RCECOE in Google and that will take you to the site. I am a member myself and have been a National Council member for five years.

If you feel help and advice, with any matter relating to retirement, please the Diocesan Retirement Officer. He has access to other Diocesan Staff for help, when necessary. The DRO can also approach public organisations for advice and help matters relating to clergy retirement. If you are planning to retire in the Diocese, the DRO will be available to help, should you need it. If you retire to England there will be a retirement officer in the diocese in which you live who will be happy to help.

The DRO has leaflets available, relating to ministry in retirement, which can be sent on request.


During Retirement

Support for Anglican clergy living in the Diocese in Europe, is available through the Diocese. The Diocesan Retirement Officer can provide this support, if ever you need it.

The DRO:

  • has access to the Diocesan Office Staff and to the Senior Clergy of the Diocese. They can give help and advice, as necessary.
  • can approach public bodies, officially, as the Diocesan DRO to seek help, information and advice. This has included the Church of England Pensions Board, H.M Government Pensions Board, HM Government departments and ministers and charities.
  • has available, on request, a information leaflets on various aspects of clergy retirement, including ministry in retirement
  • has access to the Retired Clergy Association, Church of England for information and help. The RCA has a fund of knowledge and experience concerning clergy retirement. They have a website. Type in RCACOE in Google, or similar browser, to view it.

The DRO sends an occasional newsletter to retired clergy in the Diocese. If you wish to receive it, send the DRO your email or postal address.

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