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This is not intended as an exhaustive index, but rather each entry directs the reader to the principal sections of the Handbook on that particular topic.  Cross references within the book itself will often make further connections of relevance.

References are to the sections, not the pages, of the book:  that is, the Measure, the Constitution (Const), the Guidelines and Regulations (chapter three, sections A-N) and supplements (suppl). 


alms at episcopal services, L6

annual review of stipend, D18, J7

appointment of clergy (chaplains, priests in charge), Const 21, ch.3 D
Chaplaincy Council role in, D4
— Formal Notice to, D6
— meeting of, D9:  see also Table 1 p.74
— response of to Formal Notice, D10
costs, D22:  see also Table 3 (p.76)
letter of appointment, D20
medical requirements, D19
procedure for, D1
Option A (Full Procedure), D12,
— formal visit, D16 (a)
— response to bishop, D17
— costs of, D22 (a), Table 3 (p.76)
Option B (Bishop's Nomination), D13
— formal visit, D16 (b)
— response to bishop, D17
— costs of, D22 (b), Table 3 (p.76)
Option C (Patron other than Bishop), D14
— formal visit, D16 (c)
— response to bishop, D17
— costs of, D22 (c), Table 3 (p.76)
Option D (special procedure), D15
— formal visit, D16 (d)
— response to bishop, D17
— costs of, D22 (d), Table 3 (p.76)
— overview flow-chart, p.65

Archbishop of Canterbury's permissions to officiate, C11
see also 'Overseas Clergy Measure'

archdeaconry (and deanery) synods, Const 42-3, H4,

archdeacons, Const 13, C2
bishops’ diaries / episcopal duties,
C1 (i)-(j)
role in appointments process, D11
report during vacancy, D7
role in child protection monitoring, N6
visitation, G2

assistant bishops, honorary, Const 8-11,
C1 (h), (j)

assistant chaplains
appointment of, D24 (a)
resignations of, D24 (b)

assistant diocesan secretary, K4


Bishop's Council (of the Diocese), Const 39, H3

Bishop’s Faculty, F7

Bishop’s Licence
— to minister, C10 (a)-(e)
— for the Solemnization of Matrimony, B15.IV

Bishop’s Permission
— to Officiate, C10 (f)
— to conduct a Service after Civil Marriage, B15.II

Bishop's statement during vacancy, D8

Bishops, ministry of, C1
bishops’ diaries / episcopal duties,
C1 (i)-(j)

books and registers, F10
depositing old records, F10 (e)

church buildings, churchyards and cemeteries (consecrated), F1, F5-7
Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC),
F7 (g)-(i)
memorials etc in churches, F8
terrier book and log, F10 (f)
land and buildings (unconsecrated), F2-3, F7


canons, suppl 1: 8, 12-14, 17-21
emeriti, suppl 1: 23-4

cathedral chapter, A5
statutes of, suppl 1: 8-22

cathedral church, Const 14, suppl 1: 1-2

annual accounts, L7
annual meeting, Const 29, J5
chaplaincy accommodation, J8
— removals, J9
— use of house, J10
child protection policy, N5
— chaplaincy procedures, N7
— child protection representative, N8
— recruitment procedures, N10
— vetting volunteers, N12
church councils of, Const 30, J6
congregational electoral rolls, Const 32 (b)-(c), J4
constitution of, J3
definition of, J1
electoral roll, Const 28
establishment of new, J2
model constitution, suppl 2

chaplains (priests in charge)
accident insurance, M5
duties of, C4
health cover for, M3
institution / licensing of, D21
— costs D23
— alms at episcopal services, L6
status (licence) of, C10
UK National Insurance contributions, M4
see also appointments, conditions of service, annual review of stipend, child protection policy and guidelines

child protection
Care and Protection of Children, N1-28
— policy, N1-5
— guidelines, N6-28
abuser disclosure, confidentiality, N16
allegations or suspicions of child abuse:
— procedures, N13, N23
— historical, N17
— untrue, N21
chaplaincy employees, N intro 1
contact with the media, N20
diocesan policy statement, N1
diocesan recruitment procedures, N9
House of Bishops Policy, N3
in chaplaincy and diocesan records, N19
inappropriate child behaviour, N22
—allegations, N23
insurance, N27
making a referral, N14, N18
ministry to ex-offenders in the
congregation, N25-6
ordained and lay ministers, N intro 2
outside groups using church premises, N28
procedures following investigation, N24
reports of child abuse, N15
UK Home Office: Safe from Harm, N4
vetting (UK Criminal Records Bureau - Disclosure), N11
vetting volunteers, N12

Christian initiation, B6
adult candidates, B7
infant candidates, B8
when a Bishop is present, B9
see also Confirmation

Church Representation Rules - Measure §2, Const 46

Churches in Communion, A1 (c), A7, B1 (f)-(g), C11 (b), suppl 4

churches, ornaments of, F1, F7
see also buildings

churchwardens, Const 31, E1
admission of, E1 (d)-(f), (j)
appointment of, E1 (b)
in child protection policy, N intro 5 (and N passim)
resignation of, E1 (k)

churchyards and cemeteries, F1, F5, F7
see also funerals

Clergy Pensions Measures,

clergy widows, widowers and dependents, J11

COABICE (College of Anglican Bishops in Continental Europe), A6

Communion before confirmation
see Holy Communion, admission to before confirmation

Conditions of Service form, D9 (b), D18,
J7 (a), J11

confirmation, bishop at, C1 esp. (h)-(j)
alms at episcopal services, L6
bishops’ diaries / episcopal duties,
C1 (i)-(j)
registers, see Books and registers

congregation, definition of, J1

Consistory Court of the Diocese, Const 23, G1

Convocation of American Churches in Europe (ECUSA), A6
see Churches in Communion

see funerals


deaconesses, C12

dean of the cathedral, A5, suppl 1: 3-4, 8,
emeriti, suppl 1: 23-4

Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC),
see buildings

diocesan Bishop, Const 4-7
special provisions, Const 47, C1 (a)-(d)

Diocesan Board of Finance, Const 44-5, H3, L1
Funds, L2-5

diocesan child protection advisor, N1 (c) and N passim

diocesan communications officer, K7, N20

diocesan director of ordinands, C13
see also director of ministry

diocesan finance officer, K5

diocesan lay assistants, B5, E5

Diocesan Office, K1
administrative materials available from, suppl 9

diocesan secretary, K3

Diocesan Synod, Const 33-7, h4
Standing Committee of, Const 38, H3

Diocese in Europe
Measure 1980, ch.1
Constitution 1995, ch.2
— amendments to, Const 48
— citation, etc Const 48
cathedral chapter, suppl 1, Const 1-3
relationship to the C of E and other Churches in Communion, A1
relationship to civil authorities A3

Diocese in Europe fund, account details L6

director of ministry, C8, K6


ecclesiastical law, Const 22-24
applicability of to Diocese, Const 22

ecumenical canons (canons B43-4), Churches designated under, suppl 8

ecumenical provisions, participation of ministers of other Churches in worship B25

ecumenical relations, Const 27

Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD, Meißen Agreement), A1 (d)


fees (weddings, funerals etc), L8

forms of service (approved or commended for use), suppl 5

French Lutheran and Reformed Churches (Reuilly Agreement), A1 (d)

Friends of the Diocese in Europe, Secretary K8

Common Fund, L3
Development Fund, L4
Ordination Fund, L5

funerals - liturgical provision B23
minister at B23 (b)
cremation B24


General Synod, H1
representation in, Const 40-41

gift aid, L12


Holy Communion, admission to before confirmation
Bishop's Regulations, B10
Bishops' 1997 Guidelines, suppl 6.2

Holy Communion, ministers of, diocesan guidelines, B4


institution / licensing of chaplain, D21
costs D23


Lambeth Conference 1998, resolutions of, A6

licence, forms of Bishop's, C10

licensed clergy, Const 17-20

licensed lay workers, B5, E4

general, ch.3 B passim
forms of service, B1, suppl 5
vernacular translations, B1 (e)-(g)
rites of Churches in Communion, Const 26

local ministry plan, C13 (f)

locum priests, J13

Lusitanian Church, A6
see Churches in Communion


marriage:  B15 (§§I–V)
Bishop Licence for B15.IV
Convocation 1957, Act of, suppl 7.1
deacons, solemnization by, suppl 7.2
ecumenical issues, B15.V
fees, L8
liturgical provision for, B15.I
registration, B15.V (b), F10
services after Marriage, B15.II
solemnization of B15.III

marriage registers
see books and registers

Measure 1980, Diocese in Europe, ch.1

model chaplaincy constitution, suppl 2

model enrolment form, suppl 3

morning and evening prayer, B3


national law, conformity to and status under, Const 25


oils, consecrated, B14

Old Catholic Churches (Union of Utrecht),
see Churches in Communion

candidates for, C13
impediments to, C13 (c)
selection and training of, C13 (e)
local ministry plan, C13 (f)

'Overseas Clergy Measure 1967', Measure §5, C11


for clergy and licensed lay workers, Const 5 (1), M1
for diocesan officers, M1 (c)

permission to officiate, forms of, C10

Porvoo Churches (certain Nordic Baltic Lutheran Churches)
see Churches in Communion

preaching, B5

pro-cathedrals, Const 15-16, suppl 1: 5-7


readers and readers in training, Const 19, B5, E3

reception into Church of England, B10,
Guidelines etc B11

reconciliation, sacrament of, B26

see books and registers

reservation of the Blessed Sacrament, B13


Scripture, reading of in services
lectionary B2
authorized translations, suppl 5

senior appointments, consultation over D25

service registers
see books and registers

sick, housebound and dying, ministry to B12,
consecrated oils, B14

Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church, A6,
see Churches in Communion

St Luke’s Hospital for the Clergy, M2

Standing Committee,
see Diocesan Synod

stewardship, L11

suffragan bishop, Const 8-11, C1 (e)-(g), K2


terrier and log book, F10 (f)

trusts, local, F4, L10

Twinnings and Exchanges, agreement (with Roman Catholic Church in France), A1 (d)


vacancy in chaplaincy, D5 and D passim, J12 (esp role of churchwardens and pastoral care),

vicars general, Const 12, C3

visitations (general and particular), G2

votes, postal, Const 32 (a)


wills and bequests, L9

women priests, Bishop's policy and guidelines, C9

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