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Diocesan Policies and Guidelines

K. The Diocesan Office and Staff

K1  The Diocesan Office

(a)  The Diocesan Office is at 14 Tufton Street, Westminster, which is part of Church House Westminster (which contains the offices of the Archbishops' Council, the General Synod, the Church of England Pensions Board and their staffs).

(b)  The Diocesan Office provides offices for ―

¨      the Diocesan Secretary and DBF staff
¨      the Suffragan Bishop (who has a general pastoral responsibility for the work of the Diocesan Office) and his Chaplain / Personal Assistant
¨      the Ministry Team

and also an occasional office for ―

¨      the Diocesan Bishop, whose main office is at Worth
¨      the Friends of the Diocese

K2  The Diocesan Secretary

(a)  The Diocesan Secretary co-ordinates and oversees the synodical, financial and other administration in the Diocese, in accordance with the policies of the Diocesan Synod.

(b)  The Diocesan Secretary acts as secretary of the Diocesan Synod, its Standing Committee and the Bishop's Council: see H2 and 3.

(c)  The Diocesan Secretary is also Company Secretary of the Diocesan Board of Finance responsible for published accounts and annual reporting: see section L.

K3  Finance Officer

(a)  The Finance Officer undertakes the bookkeeping and financial administration of the Diocesan Board of Finance, which is carried out in accordance with the policies of the DBF and Synod.

(b)  In particular the Finance Officer is able to help chaplaincies and their treasurers in the ways mentioned in section L below.

(c)  The Finance Officer is assisted by a part-time Finance Assistant

K4  The Appointments Secretary

(a)  The Appointments Secretary is responsible for managing the process of diocesan clergy appointments and locum placement.

(b)  The Appointments Secretary administers the issuing of all Licenses and Permissions to Officiate in the diocese

(c)  The Appointments Secretary is responsible for working through the safeguarding process for all holders of ministry licenses in the diocese.

K5  The Office Manager & Personal Assistant

(a)  The Office Manager is responsible for the smooth organising of Diocesan Office functions and is supported by a part-time Office Assistant.

(b)  The Office Manager acts as the Personal Assistant to the Diocesan Secretary

(c)  The Office Manager has specific responsibility for the management of the diocesan database.

K6  The Ministry Team

The Suffragan Bishop is Chairman of the Ministry Team

Diocesan Director of Ordinands (DDO)

The DDO acts for the Bishop on the assessment of postulants for Holy Orders and to provide oversight of the candidates during their training.  The role is half-time.

Director of Training

The Director of Training devises and supports training programmes for laity and the recently ordained, and advises the bishops on matters related to Continuing Ministerial Education.  The Director of Training is a full-time position, currently based in Continental Europe.

Ministry Team Administrator

This part-time post provides administrative support to members of the Ministry Team.

K7  The Diocesan Communications Officer

(a)  The Diocesan Communications Officer is responsible to the Bishop and Diocesan Secretary for all matters concerning press, publications and publicity. 

(b)  The Communications Officer edits The European Anglican magazine.

(c)  In the case of any serious matter that may involve local or national publicity in the press, radio or television, the clergy and church officers are strongly advised to contact the communications officer immediately and before issuing any statement.

K8  The Secretary of the Friends of the Diocese in Europe

The secretary of the Friends of the Diocese in Europe is a voluntary officer working from the Diocesan Office acting as secretary of the Friends' Committee and organizer of the annual Friends' service.

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