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Churches in Communion with the Church of England:

1) Old Catholic Churches

Anglican Old Catholic relations

In 1998 the Anglican Old Catholic International Coordinating Committee was established by the Old Catholic International Bishops' Conference and the Anglican Consultative Council to monitor and encourage the development of the relationship between the Churches involved.

In its Resolution IV:6c, the 1998 Lambeth Conference sought to recommend that ‘consideration be given to ways of deepening our communion with the Old Catholic Churches beyond the Bonn Agreement, including means of taking counsel and making decisions together; the anomaly of overlapping jurisdictions; the implications of wider ecumenical relationships (particularly with the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran Churches); and the importance of working together in issues of mission and common witness.'


Co-chairman: The Right Reverend Michael Burrows

T: +353 56 77 86633

Contact: The Right Reverend David Hamid Suffragan Bishop Diocese in Europe

Old Catholic

Co-chairman: The Right Reverend Dick Schoon
T: +33 20 662 83 13

Co-secretary: The Reverend Lars Simpson

T: +41 44 211 12 76


Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht

This family of nationally organized Churches bound themselves together in the Union of Utrecht in 1889. Most of them owe their origins to Roman Catholics unable to accept the decrees of the First Vatican Council of 1870, though the independence from Rome of the See of Utrecht predates those events. In 1932 the Convocation of Canterbury established 'intercommunion' between the Church of England and the Old Catholic Churches on the terms of the Bonn Agreement of the previous year. The Archbishop of Utrecht is the chairman of the coordinating Episcopal body of the Union: the Old Catholic International Bishops’ Conference.


The St Willibrord Society exists to promote growing relations between Anglicans and Old Catholics.


2) Churches of the Porvoo Agreement

Formal sessions of discussions between the four Anglican Churches of Britain and Ireland and the eight Nordic-Baltic Lutheran Churches began in 1989. In 1992 the Eucharist was celebrated in Porvoo on the final Sunday of the Conversations. The Common Statement recommended a Declaration bringing into being formalized communion involving common membership, a single interchangeable ministry, and structures to enable consultation on significant matters of faith and order. Implementation is coordinated by a Contact Group and a regular Porvoo Church Leaders Conference. The Church of England has its own Porvoo Panel to monitor and encourage our own implementation of the Agreement.

The Common Statement and other Porvoo-related documents are available from Church House Publishing. Lars Osterlin: Churches of Northern Europe in Profile (Norwich, 1995) gives a history of the Nordic Lutheran Churches and their relations with the Church of England.


Church of England Porvoo Panel

In 2000 the Church of England’s Council for Christian Unity established the Porvoo Panel to monitor, encourage and guide relations specifically between the Nordic-Baltic Churches of the Agreement and the Church of England.


Chairman: The Right Reverend David Hamid (Suffragan Bishop in Europe)

14 Tufton Street,
T: +44 (0)20 7898 1160

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