Week Of Prayer For Christian Unity – And More

John Neal from Tours, in France, writes; “In the wake of the massacres in Paris on 13th November, the Tours interfaith group, at the request of the Archbishop of Tours, held a “time of recollection” in St Martin's Basilica on 17 January. The venue was chosen for its situation as the burial place of the great saint, whose 1,700 year anniversary is being celebrated this year.

Leaders from all faiths - Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian – were present and read pieces, sometimes from their scriptures, promoting peace. The hour was presided over by the archbishop, Monseigneur Bernard-Nicolas Aubertin, and the other Christian representatives came from the Reformed, Evangelical and Anglican churches.

After each person spoke a candle was added to the display which eventually formed the word ‘PAIX’. 

If your church is involved in a special service of unity this week please send us a paragraph or two with some pictures that we can share via the diocesan website. Send to