Christ Church, Lille, Plans A Year Ahead

Rosemary Ulyett reports on an encouraging day’s planning in Northern France;

“Last year’s consultation not only provided a benchmark but brought out areas for growth. During 2015, our Chaplain, Canon Debbie Flach and the Change Group worked together to put ideas into action. New Discipleship courses were set up, a worship leadership group was formed, as was a meeting for group leaders and a new prayer mission. Ideas for more efficient organisation and planning were also put into place.

This year’s consultation was the opportunity to see whether the hard work had born fruit, and on Saturday 30 January, at the Away Day, we heard the results. Higher scores were recorded on all fronts, but particularly in the areas of

  • Seeking God
  • Embracing change
  • Being a community

So what about the coming year? After a delicious lunch, the afternoon sessions at the Away Day were given over to workshops, where younger and older members, from both morning and evening services, had the opportunity to talk, to exchange views, and to put forward ideas.

The church will be getting together shortly to set out the priorities, and one of these will be rethinking our fund-raising strategy as well as building on the work already begun.

Enjoy the pictorial collage from a memorable day in church life.