Sharing Thoughts On Shared Conversations

Six people from the Diocese in Europe were invited to join other members of the Church of England in Shared Facilitated Conversations in November 2015 to discuss Scripture, Mission and Human Sexuality.

After their experience they wrote to Bishop Robert giving their impressions that divisions in the Church of England run deep and that the Shared Conversations helped them all to see that "doctrine should always be considered in the context of peoples' lived experience".

The six asked for an opportunity to reflect on the conversations in a session of Diocesan Synod in Cologne and on Wednesday 15 June they each offered a unique perspective in their reports.

You can hear all six contributions, divided into two parts for technical reasons.

Listen to Hyacinth Oesterlin, Grada Schadee and Martin Reakes-Williams HERE

Listen to Jack McDonald, Nigel Rowley and Carolyn Cooke HERE

Members of General Synod will have the opportunity to discuss these issues further, in closed session, during their meeting in York in July.