There were packed congregations in two of our diocesan city churches for Peter-tide ordinations on 1 and 2 July 2017.

250 people crammed into St George's, Paris for the ordination as priest of Rev Nicolas Razafindratsima who is serving as assistant curate there. The service was tri-lingual; in English, French and Malagasy with 190 communicants. Nicolas’s mother and two brothers came over from Madagascar for his priesting and the Archdeacon of France preached in French and English.
Fr Matthew Harrison, Chaplain of St George’s, says “We sang the Gloria in Malagasy and all the hymn in both languages. A champagne reception afterwards. It is a vocation that has been in process of discernment, formation and training for a long time. Nicolas was sponsored for selection from the parish in 2010.
On Sunday morning 2 July, he celebrated his first Mass with another 200 people in church - followed by another big party.”

Fr Matthew adds that Nicolas will make a special focus of his work amongst the Madagascan community at St George's. At the monthly Madagascan mass at St George's there are over 100 people and many more at Easter and Christmas.
There are also Anglican Madagascan communities in Strasbourg, Toulouse and Bordeaux. In Madagascar itself there are 6 Anglican dioceses.

On Sunday 2 July Bishop Robert was in the Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Brussels to make Guy Diakiese a Deacon. He will serve as assistant curate, St John and St Philip in The Hague.

You can hear the sermon at that service here 

Guy Diakiese is pictured below