In a diocese as dispersed as Europe, fellowship between our churches is sometimes rare but is even more important. On Sunday, 07 May 2017, the Anglican Church of Sant'Aberto di Trapani, one of the most recently formed congregations in the diocese, with their chaplain Father Giovanni La Rosa welcomed some members of the Holy Cross Church of Palermo and St. George of Taormina for a Sicilian Anglican meeting.

The Eucharist was celebrated in a square and afterwards there was a procession with candles to the church where the final blessing took place. The chaplain of Palermo, Father Russell Ruffino and the locum chaplain of Taormina, Father Neville Griffith shared in this precious time of prayer, communion and joy in the Lord: a blessing of Jesus the Shepherd for the Anglican Church present in Sicily."

Information sent by Fr. Padre Giovanni La Rosa