In the picturesque church of Praia de Luz, in the west of the Algarve, Revd Robert Kean was welcomed as a new Chaplain in St Vincent's. In a packed church, members of the three congregations of St Vincent's celebrated the licensing by Archdeacon Geoff Johnston. He was joined by Fr Mark Wilson, the Chaplain in the Eastern part of the Algrave, Reader Bob Kelly and Padre Ze Manuel, the Roman Catholic priest in Luz.

One member of the congregation writes "Father Geoff said it was indeed a day for celebration and joy at the new ministry of Father Rob and reminded us that Jesus enjoyed a celebration: his first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. Father Geoff, addressing Father Rob, said that he had been called to be a shepherd in Luz, that he belongs to the Lord and should listen to the Lord so that he catches God's vision, casts amongst his congregation so that others are energised to help him achieve that vision, and carry out God's work within the chaplaincy. Nothing is impossible with God's help and Father Rob could go forward from today, fired up and revitalised to light a fire for God.

“Speaking to the congregation Father Geoff prompted us that we have an opportunity to renew our own individual commitment to serve the Lord and bring God's kingdom into the world around us. We should carry the light and love of Christ and become the transformers of the world he has called us to be.

“Father Rob in response said that he is looking forward with gusto to the journey we are taking together, that it is a privilege to serve the community and thanked us for allowing him and his family to be part of our continuing journey."