The Easter eggs have all been eaten, the chocolate stains have been removed from the carpet and sofa and the rest of the world has finished with Easter. But our Church celebrations and joy at the risen Christ has only just begun.

This weekend marks the Second Sunday of Easter (Traditionalists may recall it used to be the First Sunday after Easter – but who’s counting?) So we offer you a few of the late arrivals among your Easter stories to share on this site.

Pictured above are some of the 100 members of the congregation of St Andrew’s Church Pau (in southern France) who celebrated the admission to communion of three of their younger members and an Easter baptism last Sunday. The shell that was used for the baptism represents the pilgrim on his journey of life and is particularly apt here given Pau’s proximity to Spain and the pilgrimage routes to St Jacques de Compostelle (Santiago de Compostella).

St Thomas Becket's church, Hamburg enjoyed quality time with Bishop David from Maundy Thursday through the Easter Vigil which included the first confirmation in the German city for almost three years. It also saw the largest group since 1985 with 15 candidates of all ages, the youngest being ten and a half years old.

Andrea Grantz, one of the confirmation candidates writes; “The most moving moment was the actual confirmation of the candidates: we had to get to the altar, knelt down in front of the bishop, and Bishop David had a very moving personal speech for each of us, giving us our mission as new apostles in Christ. We were given the most beautiful confirmation candles after the service. They were lit by the Easter Candle, and it was the last but not least highlight of a very special evening.”


Tricia Bechgaard writes about the Easter service at St Vincents in Portugal’s Algarve; “We ran out of chairs, hymn books and Service Books! Some of the congregation had to stand outside at the Easter Sunday Eucharist at Praia da Luz in the Algarve – people were even standing in the vestry. Our Congregational Warden, Joyce Daffey, reported that it was an absolutely full house and the biggest Easter Sunday congregation since records were kept in the Services Register.

Locum priest, Father Robert Ellis, said “We were prepared for 150 people but when one of the welcomers whispered in my ear that it was standing room only, with 246 people either inside or outside the church we had to quickly borrow further chalices from the Roman Catholics who kindly grant us use of their church building!”

And from the vast chaplaincy of the Aquitaine in France comes these Easter pictures featuring a united Holy Week service and youngsters sharing the message of Easter joy.