"Worshipping in spirit and truth is offering hospitality to God, who is the ‘wholly Other’, and at the same time – it can’t be otherwise – for every 'other' you come across in your life. Worshipping in spirit and truth we  can experience how all of us are at home in the divine communion that offers the answer to our deepest desires and our most severe thirst."

The congregation of the Pro Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Brussels has welcomed a visit and sermon by the Most Reverend Joris Vercammen, the Old-Catholics Archbishop of Utrecht.

Old-Catholics are a group of national churches which at various times separated from the Roman Catholic Church. They are Catholic in faith, order and worship but reject the Papal claims of infallibility and supremacy. The term “Old-Catholic” was adopted to mean original Catholicism.

The Anglican Communion signed the Bonn Agreement with the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht in 1931. This agreement of “inter-Communion” has formed the basis for an ongoing relationship mediated by the Anglican-Old Catholic International Co-ordinating Council.

They have participated in the World Council of Churches since its beginning and are in formal dialogue with both the Orthodox Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. Among them the Archbishop of Utrecht holds a primacy of honour not dissimilar to that accorded in the Anglican Communion to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Anglicans and Old Catholics are welcome to participate fully in each other’s worship and receive communion at celebrations of the Eucharist; clergy may act fully in each other’s churches. This was the first agreement of its kind that Anglicans had ever concluded.

You can read the Archbishop’s sermon in full HERE.