Canon Malcolm Bradshaw writes about a new status for our churches in Greece:

“On 9th February, in the presence of Archdeacon Colin Williams and others, the members of the Board of the Anglican Church in Greece (Canon Malcolm Bradshaw of Athens, Rev’d Philip Lambert of Crete, Rev’d Julian Wilson of Corfu and Churchwarden, Marie-Jeanne Morphy Karatza of Patras) met for their first meeting in Athens.

"The Board is the result of the Anglican Church in Greece becoming a religious legal body. Its role is to handle all matters between the Anglican Chaplaincies in Greece and the Greek State such as employment contracts, ownership of properties, taxation and charitable status.

"Having a legal status opens up the opportunity for further growth and development as well as new ways of fund raising like opening a charity shop or taking advantage of tax breaks for donations. Before the meeting the members of the Board thanked its lawyer, Mrs Papatsori, (holding the flowers) for the work she has done in assisting the Anglican Church in Greece to implement its legal status."