Members from churches around Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Andorra and the islands of the Mediterranean and Atlantic will be meeting in Torrevieja in Spain this week for their annual Archdeaconry Synod (pictured above is one of the acts of worship at last year’s event).

High on their agenda is the vision for growth and development of the diocese with the vision strategy plan “Building up the body of Christ”. Many congregations have been preparing video reports of their involvement in different areas of our strategy vision and these will be shared during the Synod sessions and discussed in groups looking to the future in areas including ecumenical links, worship and pastoral initiatives and building closer links with the communities where churches are based.

These latest videos come from the Atlantic island of Fuerteventura where Bob Horrocks reports that the church has been using the vision strategy document to check on its ministry and mission. Click HERE.

St George’s, in the Spanish capital city of Madrid showcases the range of activities they are involved with. Click HERE.

And from the Mediterranean island of Menorca comes this impressive report of the church’s ministry with a Food Bank. Click HERE.

These images reflect from just one of our seven archdeaconries how churches from Moscow to Madeira, from Helsinki to Crete are working to develop and encourage our ministry of pastoral care and support with a new determination. Your prayers and encouragements are always welcome too.