After consultations with clergy and laity of the Archdeaconry of France and with other senior colleagues in the diocese Bishop Robert has appointed Canon Meurig Williams to take over as Archdeacon from the beginning of October.

The bishop comments; “Overall, the post struck me as highly demanding, requiring an exceptional level of pastoral skill, wisdom and experience. Meurig Williams was Archdeacon of Bangor in the Church in Wales for 6 years and has been acting as Archdeacon of North West Europe for the last five years: he is a very experienced archdeacon and has won widespread respect in North West Europe for his sensitivity, wisdom and integrity. He knows the unique character of our diocese well.”

Meurig will continue to act as bishop’s commissary and chaplain, and will combine the Archdeacon of France role with the role of Bishop’s Chaplain. He will cease to be Archdeacon of North West Europe.

His maternal tongue is Welsh and he has life-long Gallic sympathies and instincts. He took his first degree in French and Welsh. Before graduating, he spent a year in Bordeaux before becoming a modern languages teacher. He sensed a call to ministry whilst staying at the Taizé community. Meurig has a deep love for and knowledge of France. He particularly looks forward to supporting the wide range of traditions that our chaplaincies embody in France. 

Meurig has a home is in Limousin, in central France. His office base will continue to be the Bishop’s Office in Brussels and he plans to live mainly in the accommodation we provide for him in French-speaking Belgium.

Bishop Robert will commission Meurig on Michaelmas Day, 29th September, at the Pro-Cathedral of Holy Trinity, Brussels. A service in France is planned later in the year to welcome Meurig to his new role. The bishop adds; “This appointment is a demanding one, but I am convinced that in Meurig we have the right person for the role. I am personally delighted that he is willing to take on these major responsibilities. I hope you will give Meurig your support as he begins his new ministry.”