(Please note the comma in the headline - this is a story unrelated to Christmas lunch!)

For Bishop Robert, it was a case of “ghosts of Christmas past” when he was honoured to be invited to preach on Christmas Day at the Pro-Cathedral of Holy Trinity Brussels, where he was for many years the Chaplain. He addressed a packed international congregation including the Australian and British Ambassadors.

Reflecting on a difficult 2016, Bishop Robert offered a message of hope. In the Incarnation, the God who is outside time and space comes into our human situation in the person of Jesus Christ. He counters the human tendency to turn inwards upon ourselves, calling us out to turn outwards to him and to our neighbour.

Bishop Robert also observed that although many things in public life conveyed the feeling of gathering darkness, yet St. John promises that the light will not be overcome by it. He noted the ways in which across the diocese the light of the gospel shines through acts of solidarity and compassion.

(Pictured below, the Bishop with staff and the intern at Holy Trinity, after the service)

You can read and share his sermon HERE.