Our bishops in the Diocese in Europe have been quick to send prayers and reflections after the lorry attack in a Christmas market in Berlin yesterday.

Bishop Robert says; "I was deeply saddened to learn of the loss of life and the injuries sustained at the Christkindlmarkt in Berlin. At a time of preparation for Christmas, it feels all the more cruel that innocent people have suddenly been killed at what should be a time of joyful expectation. I am mindful that many children may have witnessed this shocking event.

This is not the first  time this year that our Diocese has witnessed multiple deaths, as people have been drawn together to celebrate and enjoy their cultural heritage: first in Nice in July; now in Berlin. Our response to this tragedy must be to re-affirm the angels' message of peace that is at the heart of the Christmas story. My prayers are with all who are hurting, angry and bewildered. I also send my prayerful support to the people of St George’s Anglican Church Berlin."

Bishop David has contacted the Chaplain at St Georges Church, Berlin, Rev Christopher Jage-Bowler to say; "The news has just reached us of the lorry attack at the Christmas market in Berlin which has left 9 killed and many injured. It is alarming that there are similarities to the attack in Nice earlier this year. The shock and fear in the city must be palpable, given the location and nature of this attack. I hope that you, your family and the members of our community in the city are safe.

In the face of this horrific attack I pray that the Advent hope will not be extinguished among the people, that the Son of Righteousness will bring comfort and healing, and that God will grant rest to those who have died. At this time of the year, so many families and individuals will find their lives emptied by this brutal attack. May the Christian and other faith leaders provide support and comfort for those who are affected, and may the authorities bring those responsible to justice.

But at this time, with the people of Berlin the faithful of the diocese mourn, and join in sending you and our sisters and brothers, our love in the Lord".