There appears to be great damage but, fortunately, little loss of life after a fresh earthquake in Central Italy on Wednesday 26th October with more aftershocks felt on Thursday.

For many residents it awakened memories of the disaster in the same area two months ago where 300 people died. The worst hit area saw damage to homes and churches across Marche and parts of Umbria.

Bishop David sent this message to fellow Christians in Italy; “My dear sisters and brothers. I have just heard that the area around Perugia and Macerata have been hit by another earthquake. Fr Jonathan in Rome has informed me that Brother Ogo and his family in Macerata are safe, but naturally scared at this latest quake. We do not know about other members of our community there. We pray for all involved in the rescue and care for the affected, and that all who need help may receive it soon.

May God keep safe and protect you all and surround you with his love. We keep vigilant in prayer.”