A new series of videos is being launched today as part of the Diocese in Europe’s action plan for our future strategy. Titled “Walking Together in Faith” the plan involves each congregation looking at a series of aims and objectives and asking how God is leading them to put some of these ideas into practice.

These video reports are not intended as crafted, edited Hollywood products but as instant glimpses of the people and thinking that shape our diocesan future.

We also invite churches around the diocese to produce their own reports and upload them to YouTube. Send us a link to them and we can add them to our list of video news stories.

These links will take you to these first news stories:-

An ecumenical diocese. Angela Mirani who serves as a Reader in a church in northern Italy talks to Bishop David about the importance of ecumenical cooperation in her area

Christian study, information and discussion play an important role in church life. Rev Mike Waltner in Christ Church, Vienna tells Bishop David about a series of seminars called “Soundings”

In this short “snapshot” interview two young people talking to Bishop David about the importance of their confirmation, immediately after the service at St Vincent's on the Algarve in Portugal

How do you tackle the challenge of mission and growth? Andrew Johnson talks to Bishop David about their mission and growth experience in the Chaplaincy of the Costa Blanca in Spain.