According to the myth you can wait a long time for a London bus then eventually three come along in a row. Baptisms do not normally happen in that way. Clergy and members of the Chaplaincy of the Aquitaine in Central France (one of the largest “parishes” in our diocese) have enjoyed a sequence of baptism services during the Summer, including one by full immersion.


Amy Owensmith writes; “10 baptisms in the space of one month, what a blessing! A wonderful baptism service was held in Bordeaux on 20 August, at which Bishop Martin Seeley led the service and Chaplain Rev Tony Lomas baptised the two boys assisted by their Uncle Mitchell – who was visiting from Scotland.

Deacon Charlotte Sullivan baptised a baby boy at the service in Limeuil on 27 August. During the service the choir sang John Rutter’s inspiring anthem 'Look at the World'.

Two teenagers were baptised by full immersion by Rev David Marshall at a meeting of 'The Gathering' in Condom on 3 September, and three children were baptised by Rev Bramwell Bearcroft at a wedding service at the church in Envals on 9 September.”

We rejoice at the diversity of church expressions across the  15 congregations which make up the Aquitaine Chaplaincy and we pray for the baptised and their supporting families and friends.