As new school terms start across Europe Jan Waterschoot, a Reader in Trinity Church Eindhoven writes about how they made good use of the Summer holidays.

“In the last week of the holiday our Church was transformed in one of the ’coolest’ places on earth! About forty children experienced the ‘Polar Explorer’ Holiday Bible Club. The entrance was an igloo, with really cold air blowing out of it, big and small snowflakes were hanging from the ceiling. The groups of children were named after polar animals like ‘polar bears’, ‘seals’ and of course penguins.

“The children learned a lot about and from Peter, Paul and Luke; and also about Stephen, Timothy and Philip. These Saints taught us that with God there is always forgiveness. Through Jesus he forgives our sins: you cannot make too many mistakes, you are never too young (or old), never too bad, never too ordinary and never too far away or too close by. You can always be a friend of Jesus.

“We learned a lot, we sang a lot, we exercised and we had lots and lots of fun! The week ended in our Sunday Service where the whole congregation got a taste of the Holiday Bible Club.”