A little under four years ago the Diocese in Europe added a new form of communication to its quiver by joining the “Twittersphere”.

The short sharp information medium proved invaluable for sending daily reminders of our diocesan prayer diary and highlighting website news as well as news of our bishops’ blogs.




The Twitter ministry is now supported by a team of some 8 volunteers who each commit to sending our diocesan tweets for a week at a time. The limit of 140 characters imposed by Twitter can sometimes be challenging, not least when there is a lot to pray about. There is some enthusiasm among our team at reports that Twitter is trialling a scheme to double the length of messages to 280 characters which could make the medium even more of a blessing for us.

In the past week we have had a “Grand” celebration by welcoming our 1,000th Twitter follower and aim to make our twitter feed well worth the effort of those who share it.

This coming week (2nd October onwards) our church in Copenhagen (@AnglicanDK) has been invited to share a Church of England initiative as guest tweeter of the week. Look out for news, reactions and other gems from the Diocese in Europe (one of the Church of England’s hidden treasures). Look out for these tweets on

and join the thousand followers who have already discovered us.   It’s a real tweet to be first with the latest information.