Members of Bishop’s Council have expressed their appreciation for Adrian Mumford who has retired as Diocesan Secretary. During the final session on Friday 20 October Adrian was presented with a gift of a map of Europe as well as other tokens of appreciation.

Adrian has been Diocesan Secretary under three different bishops. Michael Hart, who chairs the Diocesan Board of Finance thanked him for the many years of hard work which he committed to the whole Diocese. Michael said; “During those years he has visited almost every chaplaincy and he knows the diocese and its people better than anyone else.” During the presentation Adrian was given a standing ovation from the Bishop's Council.

In response, Adrian spoke about his at joy working for the diocese, for what has been achieved and how mission has developed and grown over the years. He thanked everyone he has been privileged to work with and particularly his close team at the Tufton Street office in London.