19 Mar 2018

Prayers requested for St Andrew's, Moscow


Dear friends,

We'd appreciate prayer for our community at St Andrew's and for the British Embassy here, following the expulsions, both for those sent home and for those who are staying behind. There has been a great deal of sadness and deep sense of loss.

Pray that the conflict stays at the political level and does not affect continued good relations between British people and Russians both here and in the UK.

Pray for wisdom for our government in its response to the Moscow expulsions, and a greater understanding which will lead to a reduction in the fear which is felt on both sides.

Pray too that St Andrew's can continue to be faithful to the work of proclaiming the good news of Jesus' death and resurrection, of serving the ex-patriot community and being a place for reconciliation between East and West, as we seek to live here as God's people. 

Rev Canon Malcolm Rogers, Chaplain of St Andrews, Moscow

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Representative to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia