12 May 2018

Woolly hats for Seafarers in Marseille

Two chaplaincies in the south of France have been working together to provide much-needed warm clothing to seafarers in Marseille.

Fr David Greenwood, the previous priest at All Saints’ church Marseille, had been in contact with a member of the Midi Pyrénées & Aude Anglican Chaplaincy. This person was looking for a way to distribute woolly hats, knitted by members of that congregation, to sailors.

Over the last few months, members of the All Saints’ group, which volunteers at the Marseille Seamen’s Club, have received boxes full of multi-coloured woolly hats. These have been duly passed on to the sailors of cargo ships when the volunteers visit them on board their ships.

A further consignment of woolly hats was received in person when All Saints’ Synod representatives met the priest in charge of the Midi Pyrénées & Aude Chaplaincy, accompanied by some of his team, at the recent Archdeaconry Synod in Saint Jacut-de-la-Mer.