11 Jul 2018

CEMES completed and ready to go again!

The Diocese in Europe has been running the Church of England Ministry Experience Scheme (CEMES) for young people between the ages of 18-29 for the past three years.

The third year of the scheme has recently come to a close with the scheme’s six interns coming together with three of their mentors for a de-brief and retreat in London and Canterbury.

The year began in Rome with a two day induction, it was followed by a 6 day study Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, which was led by Dr Clare Amos, whose passion for the Scriptures and their contextualisation in the realities of the contemporary life in the Holy Land gave the interns new and unimagined insights. You can see a photographic journal of their pilgrimage here.

The interns came together in Holy Week for a seminar on radicalisation in Belgian prisons, led by the Revd Professor Jack McDonald, and this gave the interns the opportunity to take part in the Brussels Chrism Eucharist.

The CEMES team made a presentation at the Diocesan Synod, and its last corporate moment was the debrief at the end of June. Being in the precincts of the Metropolitical Church of the Anglican Communion had a particular significance, having begun the year in Rome, and having met the Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem, the city which St Paul tells us is “the Mother of us all.” The European scheme is the Diocesan version of a national project designed to support young people in the discernment of their vocation and to raise the number of young vocations. This year two of the interns were recommended by BAPs as Diocese in Europe ordinands, and they will proceed into training, and it is hoped at least two others will follow on sometime in the next year.

On 30th August, six new interns will begin their internships, taking up placements in Vienna, Geneva, Lyon, Brussels, Leuven and Tervuren. Please spread the word about this scheme and if you know of young people interested in applying for 2019-20, please alert the DDO, William Gulliford. There are further details about the scheme available here. The scheme is always grateful for any donations to help provide stipends for the interns and to meet the costs of the educational and travel aspects of the Scheme. We are looking to expand the scheme next year, hoping to offer internships in Brugge, Helsinki, Barcelona and Athens.

Revd Canon William Gulliford, Diocesan Director of Ordinands for the Diocese in Europe

From left to right: Annie Bolger, Lloyd Brown, Calen Gayle, Julius Anozie, Philip Milton and Guy Crumpler – the 2017-18 CEMES interns outside Canterbury Cathedral at the end of year debrief.

Each intern and mentor left a candle at the place of the shrine of St Thomas of Canterbury, at the end of an after-hours pilgrimage in the Cathedral itself, led by Tim Naish, Canon Chancellor of Canterbury.