31 Jul 2018

New Webinars

Getting to grips with the multitude of social media platforms can be daunting. Designed for the Diocese in Europe, 10 free 1-hour training webinars will help.

The first two will be:

Wed 5th September - Social Media from Scratch

Want to get started with social media but don't know where to start? Afraid of the pitfalls? Whether you want to use one of the major platforms for yourself or to help promote a group or charity, then join us for this free one-hour webinar. Learn how to take the plunge and pick up some best practice tips along the way.

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Wed 12th September - Effective PowerPoint and Presentational Tools

If you have to give presentations but you're not sure you're making the most of your material or knowledge, then this one-hour webinar is for you.

Communications consultant Nick Clarke will guide you though the do and don't of great presentation and getting the very best for presentation tools like Microsoft PowerPoint.

We've all sat through presentations where the slides were a disaster. Learn how to ensure you never make the same mistakes with your audio/visual support.

Find out what the 10:20:30 rule is? Should the first words of your presentation be "Good morning"? And learn some great tips and tricks of how to handle questions from an audience?

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