17 Aug 2018

Revd Gareth Randall RIP

An announcement from Bishop Robert:

"It is with great sadness that we report the sudden death in service of Revd Gareth Randall, chaplain of Dinard in Brittany. We uphold the chaplaincy in our prayers in their shock and grief at the news."

The Archdeacon of France, The Venerable Meurig Williams, writes: 

"I received the news of Fr Gareth's sudden death with shock and sadness, and I share the sense of bewilderment being felt by the congregation at St Bartholomew's, Dinard. I join them in assuring Fr Gareth's brother, and all who were close to him, of our prayers and support at this difficult time.

Fr Gareth died at this time when we are hearing readings from the great sixth chapter of John's Gospel in our Sunday worship. We hear Jesus promising his followers that all who eat of the bread of life will be raised with him at the last day. It was Fr Gareth's privilege to preside at the Eucharistic feast, where we are fed on the bread of life and given a foretaste of the eternity that awaits us. We pray that Fr Gareth may rest in peace and rise in glory, as we renew our confidence in the promises of Christ, that nothing in life or death will ever separate us from the love of God."