Diocesan Synod Elections 2018

A gentle reminder for those thinking of standing for election to the Diocesan Synod that the closing date for nominations and election statements will be Tuesday 4th September by 13:00 BST.

The term of office will be 3 years, beginning on 1st November 2018.

Nomination forms should be returned to the Presiding Officer at the Diocesan Office (14 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QZ). Faxed/emailed nomination forms will be accepted but the original must also be sent by mail to arrive within three days of the closing date for nominations. A candidate’s name will not appear on the voting paper unless the original nomination paper has been received by the Presiding Officer within three days of the closing date for nominations.

Nominated candidates may submit an election statement if he/she so desires, setting out in not more than 100 words a factual statement for circulation with the voting papers of the candidate’s professional qualifications, present office and any relevant past experience, which will be sent out with the voting papers to electors. An election statement should be typewritten on one page of A4. The diocesan office will duplicate the statement but will not send election statements received after the closing date for nominations.

For further details on the timetable for elections, eligibility and electorate, please click here.

If you have any queries, please contact the Presiding Officer, Mr Aiden Hargreaves-Smith, at the Diocesan Office. Contact details here.


Why is Diocesan Synod important?

It might be difficult to see the importance of the Diocesan Synod in our context where the "Diocese" seems always to be so far away. For example, with the proposed increase in the Chaplaincy contributions, it has become very important to discuss about the what it is to be an Anglican in Europe and how the Bishops, Archdeacons, Safeguarding team and the whole Diocesan office team can best support the work done in local congregations. Taking part in the Synod elections - either by being nominated as a candidate or by voting - is an opportunity to make a difference. It is also an expression of taking seriously the call and commitment to work together with the wider church in proclaiming the gospel and serving people.