21 Aug 2018

What does 'Anglican' mean to you?

Those following the Anglican Communion on social media may have seen a recent series of posts called #WeAreAnglican.

The series asks members of the Communion from across the globe the question "What does 'Anglican' mean to you?"

One contribution came from our own Director of Lay Discipleship in the Diocese in Europe, Dr Clare Amos:

And there have been many others from Anglicans in many different roles. A selection of some of the responses are below.

We would love to hear from members of the Diocese in Europe about their response to "What does 'Anglican' mean to you?"

What is your experience of being Anglican in Europe? What do you think is special about Anglicanism? If you weren't born an Anglican, what drew you to this expression of Christianity?

The diocesan website currently has a page on Anglicanism you may find helpful and we would love to update it with your reflections and share them online. Alternatively, maybe there's a picture that sums up what being Anglican means for you. Just email us at