24 Dec 2018

Christmas cheer in Albir

On the Saturday before Christmas, the organisers, Hazel and Tony Layt together with eight members of the Anglican Church in Albir and four friends, completed the preparation and served a three course Christmas Dinner to the 60 men at the Gandia Franciscan Hospice.  

There were many men who asked for seconds because the food was so good!  

The Church had been gathering practical gifts for the men throughout the year together with donations to purchase more as necessary. Sixty bags were then put together and the delight on the men’s faces was sheer joy.  

There were gifts also for the brothers who care for them. They are always in need of the simple things in life – toiletries, warm hats and gloves, chocolate treats and more basics.   The atmosphere is one of calm and serenity with the more able bodied men helping those less able – what a pleasure to see.  

After dinner and after the gifts were opened we sang a few Christmas Carols to them, amid much applause, then singing “Silent Night” in the rooms of those who are bed ridden. Such a worthwhile day for us all.