31 Jan 2019

Brexit: What's next?

On 29th January the House of Commons again voted on a series of Brexit proposals. These included a motion to support "alternative arrangements" to the Irish backstop provisions in the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated in November 2018. MPs also supported a motion opposing a no deal scenario.

Bishop Robert said: “I continue to see a dense fog around the UK Government's intentions. It seems we know more about what it is against, but not what it positively stands for.

It is imperative for the UK to clarify its proposals without delay in these Brexit negotiations. The situation must become clearer for UK and EU27 citizens alike amid this deep uncertainty by the time the Prime Minister next comes back to Parliament in two weeks' time.

I note that the House of Commons also passed a motion expressing its opposition to no deal, as has the House of Lords by an even larger majority. ”

In this article, Bishop Robert sets out what is at stake on Brexit. He notes that: Brexit is a UK choice; the EU speaks with one voice on Brexit; the UK has Brexit (and post-Brexit) choices; and that the Church is here to stay in Europe beyond Brexit.

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