Brexit: Keeping the Diocese informed

As Bishop Robert said in his last set of BBC interviews, there’s Brexit “bafflement, bemusement, and bewilderment all round.”

We want to better support people across the Diocese as we all try to get to grips with the challenges of Brexit.

That's why we’re putting together Brexit materials in one place on the Diocesan website, in a Brexit Resources Hub.  

You’ll find it under the Brexit tab on the home page. 

This resource has three objectives.  It aims to:

  • Give you the Brexit information you need – from Governments and the EU;
  • Signpost you to other sources looking at specific issues, to help you have discussions in your chaplaincies on Brexit; and
  • Keep you posted on the advocacy work Bishop Robert is leading, especially on Citizens Rights issues, as well as on Brexit in the wider Church.

And we know there are a huge range of issues that are concerning people across the Diocese, not least on citizens’ rights issues around residency, working, doing business, drawing pensions, travelling, studying …  

We cannot, of course, be responsible for the content of material not produced by the Diocese or more widely by Church of England, but we hope the following bundle of resources and links will help you.  We will add to them, and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions.