15 Jun 2019

Post-Ordination training course in Belgium

The curates of the Diocese in Europe met in the first week of June for a residential Post-Ordination Training course (IME II) at Drongen Abbey in Belgium.

The theme was Prayer and Spirituality and the sessions were taught by the Revd. Canon John Newsome, Diocesan Adviser for Spirituality and the Revd. Dr. Mark Godson, former Director of the London Centre for Spirituality.

The recently ordained priests and deacons came together from chaplaincies across the Diocese where they serve in Belgium (Brussels, Brugge/Knokke/Ostend), France (St. George’s Paris), Greece (Athens) Italy (Florence, Genoa), the Netherlands (The Hague, Rotterdam), Norway, and Switzerland (Biel).

The course was organised by the Revd Canon Ulla Monberg, the Director of Ministerial Development.