23 Aug 2019

European Anglicans: Stories from across the Diocese


The Diocese has launched a new publication. 

European Anglicans is a selection of stories from across the Diocese in the first half of this year.  

This is the online version of the publication, following its circulation in hard copy format to the Friends of the Diocese.  You can access European Anglicans via this link

Director of Communications, Damian Thwaites says:

"This newsletter aims, in particular, to meet the needs of friends in the Diocese who tell me "I really would like something in my hands that I can look at, turn some pages and read."
In these pages, you will find a collation of news items taken from content published on the
Diocesan website. We are grateful to the Friends who have supported generously the
development of our website, and I thought it would be good to demonstrate the ways in which its material can be used."

Chaplaincies may wish to use the newsletter to keep congregations informed on what is happening across the Diocese, and to display for visitors. 

The link can also be forwarded to other friends who may not currently visit our website, or access Diocesan social media.

Damian adds:

"This publication is a trial run as a format that may potentially become a more regular
Diocesan communication. I would welcome your feedback on it."