26 Sep 2019

Collapse of Thomas Cook


According to the BBC over 90,000 holidaymakers in Spain, Greece and Turkey are among those stranded, following the collapse of the tour operator, Thomas Cook.   BBC coverage is at:

Bishop Robert said:

"Our chaplaincies across the Diocese in Europe, especially across Spain, Greece and Turkey, are supporting the effort to help the thousands who are currently stranded.  We're offering both our prayers and practical offers of help where we can while they await their flights back home to the UK. 

We are also signposting help to the advice provided by the UK Government on our websites and social media.

I'm aware ATOL (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing) is a UK Government-funded scheme for UK-based businesses and customers that provides compensation in this kind of situation, but it is worth recalling that it does implement EU-driven consumer protection legislation."

He added:

"And there are wider questions around what will happen to flights between the UK and the rest of Europe if there's a no deal Brexit.  That could require the UK to re-negotiate agreements on flight routes bilaterally, that are currently covered by the European Common Aviation Area agreement between the EU and third states, and Single European Sky, which regulates air traffic management.  

We need definitive answers from the UK Government on these, and all other Brexit-related questions, especially around no deal."

Advice issued by the UK Government has been published at the following links, including country-specific advice for Spain, Greece and Turkey: