UK General Election 2019: Statement by Bishop Robert


Bishop Robert has urged the new UK Government to “seek to find common ground for the common good” following the outcome of the UK General Election.

Bishop Robert was speaking in an interview with today’s Church Times.

Bishop Robert said:

“As this election has resulted in an overall majority for a Conservative government led by Boris Johnson, we now await clarity on the Prime Minister's intentions regarding next steps on Brexit. 

The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU27 has not yet been passed and ratified by the UK Parliament. 

The prospect of no deal on 31st January 2020 remains.  We should not lose sight of this, and the disastrous consequences it would have for the poorest and weakest in our society, as well as for UK citizens living and working in my Diocese.  

I urge the new Government to listen and act on these deep concerns in the huge amount of negotiation to be done to establish a future relationship with the EU, even if there is a deal agreed at Westminster.   And I also urge the Government to engage in constructive relationships with our closest European neighbours.

The new government faces big issues around economic and social justice, and national cohesion, that Brexit has revealed over the past three-and-a-half years.  

I pray that the new UK Government and Parliament will address these formidable challenges in ways that will unify, not divide and which will seek to find common ground for the common good.”